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Quinceaeras are the fantastic parties thrown for Latina girls turning 15 years old and are a staple of the Miami social scene. But for Alicia Cruz and her three best friends, Carmen, Jamie, and Gaz, they were also just part of the background--until now....

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Fifteen Candles Reviews

  • Carolyn
    2019-05-07 22:32

    I absolutely loved this book! The Amigas, led by their fearless leader, Alicia are such a fun, diverse, and talented group of characters. The story centers around a group of teenagers, Alicia, Carmen, Jamie, and Gaz who form a quinceanera-planning biz. Each of the teens has a different talent that they contribute to the business: Alicia- head of planning, Carmen- designer, Jamie- stylist (makeup, hair, shoes!), Gaz- music. Alicia ends up getting in over her head when they get their first client, Sarita, including, shaving Sarita's head to look like Natalie Portman in V. The situations she finds herself in are hilarious, and I found myself laughing throughout the book. The book is funny, but it's also very glamorous! The Amigas come up with such creative ideas, and the party they throw for Sarita is amazing. It would be awesome if a real-life Amigas Inc. existed. The book is great not only for its humor and glamour, but also because Alicia is such a relatable character, and her conflicts with not having her own quinceanera while trying to embrace her Latina heritage by planning other girls' quinces felt very sincere and true to the cultural conflicts that many first-generation American teens face. I would highly recommend this book! FYI, there's also a subtle romance that brews between Gaz and Alicia who have been best friends since childhood, which is very intriguing. I think there's more to come in the next book.... will have to read to find out!

  • Arika
    2019-05-14 21:53

    Amigas: Fifteen Candles is a story filled with the fun, music, fashion and excitement of planning your own quinceañera. The characters and story lines feel real for any girl- from feeling annoyed at a bossy friend, to wondering if a boy friend could turn into a boyfriend, to balancing what you want with what your parents want. From the first page to the last one, the reader is thrown into the thrill and enjoyment of being fifteen, hanging out with best friends, obsessing over boys, clothes, and hair, and, most importantly, planning the night of a lifetime.

  • Lauren
    2019-04-24 15:46

    Amigas: Fifteen Candles is one of those light, fluffy, and fun reads that are perfect for a beach read or a day when all you want to do is curl up with a book and loose yourself for an hour or two in someone's world besides your own. Fifteen Candles is the first addition in the Amigas series, one that transports you into the most important time of almost any Latina girl's life: her quincenera. A time to party, let loose, and have the time of your life, as well as have a breakdown or two or maybe even three... For Alicia Cruz, the main character in Fifteen Candles, and her BFFs they've always been a fun activity to do on the weekend of the summer holidays, but this summer, they're taking up a much bigger part in their lives as they decide with inspiration from Alicia's new friend Sarita to have their own quincenera planning business. Though as it turns out planning for a quincenera is harder than it looks, but these four best friends will be able to handle the punches, right? Only time will tell in this rich and thoroughly enjoyable Latin themed adventure. While Alicia and her friends aren't the most three dimensional characters ever created it was still nothing but fun to read about their adventures for one afternoon. The one thing I really liked the most about the characters was that even though this is a very short book (barley 190 pages) they still managed to have their own distinctive personalities in the story that made them irreplaceable. Also, I liked the fact that Veronica had Alicia's parents be a big part in her life as well because you don't really see much parent/teen interaction in YA novels much less positive ones. Further more; Alicia's romance subplot with one of the characters was nothing short of sweet.In addition, I really liked how the main idea of this novels was for the characters to plan different quinceneras because not only did I have fun learning about the back history of this Latin custom but it always provided a new twist or fight to have you wondering if they were every going to get their latest party on the road.Lastly, Veronica's writing was simple and moved swiftly. Not the best I've seen but still pretty good. In all, Amigas: Fifteen Candles is a novel not to miss if you would like to see an inside look into quinceneras and these three Miami teens who plan only the best of the best, or would like a series reminiscent of Gossip Girl and The Clique but with less fights and labeling and more wholesome actives. Grade: C+

  • Niyah Lowman
    2019-04-29 17:50

    This book is about a girl with tons of friends. Exotic, unique and very amazing friends that all have a special bond. The main characters name is Alicia Cruz who has three best friends Carmen, Jamie, and Gaz. There's a new girl in town and she helps the new girl, Sarita with her fifteenth birthday in which she is having an quinceañera. Alicia decides to help her with her quince-zilla. There's a lot of stuff going on. Alicia has a crush on Gaz, she has to prepare the catering, choreography, and clothes to be prepared for the party and it's not even hers. I already know what's going to happen in this book but you have some wondering to do. That's why you should read this book! You can find this book at a local bookstore or on Amazon. Have fun reading!

  • Morgan
    2019-05-12 21:00

    "I would recommend this book to middle school and junior high girls. The title is very appropriate, the title total explains the book. The amigas led by their fearless leader,alicia was such a diverse,dungroup of characters.The story beings with a group of teenagers Alicia,Jamie,Carmen,and Gaz who form a Quinceanera plan. Each of the characters have a different talent. Each character uses their talent for the business Carmen-designer,Jaime- is the stylist, Alicia-head of planning,and Gaz is music. Alicia gets way over her head when they get their first client, Sarita she shaves satria head to look like Natalie Portman in V. This book made me laugh all the time. The party they put together for Sarita was amazing. Amigas Fifteen Candle is one of the best books ive ever read.

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-04-25 19:48

    Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadToo.comI decided to review this book, which is set in South Beach, Miami, because like Miami I have many Latina influences where I live in Orange County, California. In fact, 95% of my fifth grade class in which I teach are Latino. I have also been to a few quinceaneras in the last few years.FIFTEEN CANDLES is a story about Alicia, whose parents are very successful. Her mother is a judge and her father is deputy mayor. Alicia is expected to go to an Ivy League college and to follow in their footsteps, something that she is eager to do. She takes an internship at City Hall, and there she meets a girl who is having trouble planning her quince.In the Latin culture, a quinceanera is a ceremony which recognizes the passage of girlhood to adulthood and takes place in her fifteenth year. There is a church ceremony and then a big party. It can be very expensive.Alicia gathers up her posse to help out her co-worker. She has three friends who are very talented. Carmen is a designer; Jamie, who is from New York, is a talented stylist; and Gaz, who has a band. The four of them learn how to work together and plan a rockin' quince.I loved the reality of the story. I liked the fact that there is controversy over whether girls should have a quinceanera or maybe save the money or use it for something else, like a trip. I spoke to the pastor of my church, who is Hispanic, about quinces, and his view is that it has become more of a party than anything else. He has two girls and will give them a quince, but only if they take the church service seriously.I also liked that Alicia was given power and it kind of corrupts her for a little while. She learns to trust her friends and that is a great lesson. The only thing I didn't like was the describing of all the designer labels that the girls and their parents wear. I teach a classroom of many low income students, and I would hate for them to think that in order to have a quince you have to wear designer clothes or spend a lot of money.However, I have to admit that I like the AMIGAS series so far, and hope to have all of the books on my shelves at school very soon.

  • Ari
    2019-04-30 20:50

    I'll start off with the not-so-good. A recurring problem I had with this series was the fact that almost all the Spanish was translated, unless it was one basic word (such as hola or claro. Words such as sueno were translated. For the record, sueno [tilde over the n] means dream). So that was a minor thing that continued to tick me off. Also, I don't think this series should be called the Amigas. Nor should the quince planning business because Gaz is a guy and I thought the name was rather uncreative too. My final issue was that Alica was a character of contradictions. She would go on and on about how responsible she was and then she would turn around and do something that seemed to show that she lost all common sense (i.e. thinking it's OK to practice the paso doble while at work. I'll leave it at that).The first book in the Amigas series, Fifteen Candles, is a fun and quick read. The setting of Miami works so well with the book and I really enjoyed reading about the quinceaneara planning process. I never had one and at first, this book made me glad I hadn't! But as I read on, I found myself being able to relate to Alicia in wishing we had had a quinceaneara. When Alicia turned fifteen her parents took her to Spain (When I turned fifteen it wasn't anything that warranted special plans, I think that's mostly because quinces are encouraged and planned out by mothers and my mother is not Latina) but she begins to regret that decision as she plans Sarita's quince and sees the end result. I have to admit, I find it hard to believe that Alicia is not popular! Alicia is very rich and yet she claims that she's not popular, nor are her friends. Alicia is the richest one in the group, and in my experience, the wealthier students tend to be more popular, but I kinda like that she's not popular just because she's rich. The writing is engaging and the characters conversations are similar to ones you may have with your own friends about fashion, summer plans and boys. While not anything spectacular, the series is off to a good start.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-13 22:52

    I purchased a second hand copy of this book from my local Goodwill store.SYNOPSIS: Quinceaeras are the fantastic parties thrown for Latina girls turning 15 years old and are a staple of the Miami social scene. But for Alicia Cruz and her three best friends, Carmen, Jamie, and Gaz, they were also just part of the background--until now.MY THOUGHTS: I had a really hard time with this book. Sure there were some really great parts, but there were also numerous parts where I rolled my eyes and almost quit reading. The amount of Spanish in the book really got to me. I do not speak Spanish. Thus, when the characters were conversing entirely in Spanish, I could not understand what was being said. The book really needed some type of Spanish to English translator or something, because seriously, I missed about 1/4 of the book because I couldn't understand what the heck was being said. For a book that was written in ENGLISH, it got really annoying. I thought that the characters lacked depth and personality, especially Jamie. I thought that by far, she was the weakest character in the book. Alicia really got on my nerves as well, with her whole "I'm not good enough, I suck, blah, blah, blah" AND with the whole quince-zilla thing. It was like Alicia was a combination of the two most annoying character attitudes possible. What also bothered me was that the author spent a lot of time explaining things at the beginning of the book, but summed up the entire quince in one lousy chapter at the very end of the book. Seriously, an entire chapter on the cake-making episode, which could have been summed up in a few pages, and an equal amount of time spent on the one thing they've been working towards throughout the entire book? It seemed really rushed and as a result, I lost some of the description and ambiance that I was expecting.Overall, it's not a bad read, but I honestly couldn't get over the Spanish. 2/5 stars.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-16 20:51

    When you’re a Hispanic girl turning 15, everything must be perfect for your Quinceañera. A Quinceañera is a special 15th birthday celebration, symbolizing the turning of a young girl to a young adult. Fifteen Candles by Veronica Chambers is an adventurous girly book about Alicia Cruz who is a normal teenager living in Miami, Florida. When she gets an internship job, she meets Sarita who is freaking out about her fifteenth birthday. Alicia quickly offered her and her friends to help Sarita plan. What she doesn’t realize is that this is going to be harder than she imagined. Alicia and Sarita with have to deal with money and friendship problems to get the ‘perfect’ Quinceañera. I really enjoyed this book because I feel this book expanded my ideas of my fifteenth birthday. One thing I like about the authors writing is that she knows how to combine regular teenage life and how that can affect party planning even in the slightest. Many girls would like this book, even if they are not Hispanic, because it inspires girls to work for their dreams.

  • Kristie
    2019-04-24 21:54

    I read this book in anticipation of teaching it to a class of three Latina girls. It started out a little slowly and very predictably. Alicia is working a summer internship, where she meets Sarita, who has just moved to the area. Sarita is in the process of planning her Quince party, but she is a little clueless of her surroundings. Alicia starts a Quince-planning business to help Sarita; initially, Alicia's intentions seem great, but in her zealousness, she becomes bossy and drives away Sarita and her friends. The middle and ending of the book were a lot more interesting than the beginning. My students liked how the writer included different genres, such as facebook status updates and blog posts. At times the writer sounds like an adult who is trying to write like teen, which was a little frustrating to me, but near the end of the book, she begins to sound like she really is a teenager who is writing from a teenager's perspective. I probably will not reread this book on my own time, but I would consider teaching it to middle school students again.

  • Janika
    2019-04-28 18:53

    Four friends. One sweet fifteen. Miami is heating up! Miami, Florida, has it all beaches, boys, sun, and fun. It also has quinceneras. Lots of them! The fantastic parties thrown for Latina girls turning fifteen are a staple of the Miami social scene. For Alicia Cruz and her three best friends they are just part of the background of summer, things are going to change. After meeting Sarita, a new girl in town ,at her internship, Alicia ends up volunteering to help organize Sarita's quince.She also volunteers her friends. Soon Alicia is drowning in preparation and turning into a Quintilian and it isn't even her party! But there is just so much to do there are shoes to be bought, dances to choreograph, and then there is Gaz. He is being flirtier then usual with Alicia and she's not sure what to do. It seems like Alicia is dangerously close to losing her friends and her mind! Will she learn to trust her Amiga's and rock the party? I liked this book and i recommend it to girls to read.

  • Hailey
    2019-05-19 22:33

    I absolutely loved this book! I love the detail the author put in the book, I love how she really expresses the personalities of the characters, and keeps it constant throughout the story. The story had a great plot with a clear climax and turning point that really draws readers to read more. The story was aimed towards junior high students with a little explicit language, but it was a great story and it was written to promote the success of Latina women. The characters are very unique and I loved all of them, I loved Alicia's spunkiness, Carmen's fashionableness, Gaz's smartness, and Jamie's hipness. I love how each of them were completely different yet they made the perfect team of friends and quince planners. This book was fun to read and very hard to put down, I don't know if this book is apart of a series but if it is I would definitely read more.

  • Li
    2019-04-21 19:33

    Such a cute book.I really wish I had this series growing up. It's steeped in Latino culture. The slang, the familial relationship, the Quinces (which provide the backdrop of the story). Alicia is a very real character. I feel like I know her. I'm actually looking forward to the next book. Such an easy fun read. It takes me half a day to escape my adulthood and enter a fabulous Miami teenage fantasy. This is a must read for all Latina tweens/teenagers. Que viva Amigas, Inc. :)

  • Vi
    2019-04-22 23:42

    Alicia Cruz, her three best friends and Gaz are having a blast in Miami, Florida. It's summertime, so it is Quinceanera season. This year, Alicia wants to start a Quince business, to help plan quinceaneras for people. Will her new business plan be a success or a bust?I've always wondered if Los Angeles is the trashiest party city in the US. Now, I think Miami has L.A. beat.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-11 15:58

    Latina Girl Power - A Fun and Inspiring Read!This is a fantastic, fun read that will not only entertain but empower young Latina women. The book follows a group of very savvy and talented Latina girl friends (and their guy friends) as they start their own quinceanera party planning company in South Beach, Miami. What's not to love?! I can't wait for the next book in the series.

  • Althea Greece
    2019-05-20 15:41

    I learned that fame and fortune don't actually matter in our world. What matters the most is your family and friends. Keeping them close spins our world upside-down, like a fun roller coaster ride about to go higher and higher and nit about to go down. Ms. Veronica Chambers, I owe you my gratitude for writing this book.

  • Sindhu Gowda
    2019-04-25 18:46

    This book I got from the book fair was amazing. I was about how a girl plans a quinceanera for her friend, which she meets in her job. However, planning it wasn't as easy as she thought. But, with the help of all her amazing friends, she was able to plan a successful Quince for her friend, and she even started a business.

  • Jordan Funke
    2019-05-17 17:02

    I was surprised at how well done this was. I anticipated pulp junk. The super high drama of everything bugged me, but was realistic. It bugs me in real life too. I care about the characters, their work, and their friendship. I think this will get read in my library.

  • Balletprincess
    2019-05-12 15:46

    I enjoyed reading this book and learning about Qunices after reading it I googled Qunice or sweet 15 and learned about the treditional cerimonies envolved, and the traditional gifts given and learning about the religion tradions that go with it. Really great book for teens, or young adults.

  • Bianca Frances
    2019-04-23 20:45

    I did not like this book at all. The characters were all too whiny, all too perfect, and everyone should get what they want. I know I've read this when I was around eleven/twelve and I wasn't even considering "flirtationships" in my life (back then, haha). Maybe that's another factor.

  • LeeAnn
    2019-05-17 19:59

    Did you watch the movie Clueless? (Or read any Jane Austen?) This book's plot is a bit like that, only updated for a new audience. The story is cute, the girls are cute, the situations are cute, and the ending is happy.

  • Emma
    2019-04-24 22:39

    I luv this book

  • Claire W
    2019-05-20 22:32

    it was a good book

  • Cassie
    2019-04-26 17:00

    i love this author she puts in alot of drama

  • Lucia Benzor
    2019-04-23 15:36

    I can see this book teaching kids about what quinceaneras are and teaching them a tiny bit about Hispanic culture. Any girl would like it as this is such a girly book anyway. A very easy read.

  • Ayline Hoyos
    2019-04-21 16:32

    this book is good even though it wasn't that exciting because i read the book that came after it before this one so i already knew what was going to happen

  • Danny
    2019-05-01 16:35


  • Rachel Baroja
    2019-04-22 20:49

    Cute read for the teens.☺️ Annoyed at Alicia for cutting Sarita's hair and not listening to her friends' suggestions but at least, she realized that she was wrong.