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Michael Savage—conservative talk radio host and #1 New York Times bestselling author—takes on President Obama’s socialist agenda, his Chicago-style strong-arm tactics, and his Lenin-like complex in Trickle Up Poverty. Savage’s quest is to help American’s save America from economic Armageddon, and Trickle Up Poverty addresses everything from the global warming myth to the hMichael Savage—conservative talk radio host and #1 New York Times bestselling author—takes on President Obama’s socialist agenda, his Chicago-style strong-arm tactics, and his Lenin-like complex in Trickle Up Poverty. Savage’s quest is to help American’s save America from economic Armageddon, and Trickle Up Poverty addresses everything from the global warming myth to the health care debacle to the Tea Party revolution, in an essential conservative manifesto that anyone who loves Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, and Dick Morris must read....

Title : Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security
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ISBN : 9780062010971
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Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security Reviews

  • sologdin
    2019-04-13 02:50

    I must have a masochistic streak of some kind, because I have a hard time not reading rightwing populist propaganda. So, read about half of this while standing in the grocer this morning. It's pretty close to one of the worst books ever written, though it's hard to say if it is in fact the worst by Mr. Weiner (aka "Savage").The opening concerns "the invisible marxist presidency," and collects not even one anecdote regarding socialist policy being covertly (or even overtly) advanced by BHO. The gravamen of the complaint appears to be that BHO has outsourced the US space program to the evil commies in the Russian empire. (A later chapter attempts to make the case that BHO is in fact a "naked marxist leninist," based on some bizarre hearsay from college acquaintances.)Much of the rest is bucolic memoir from the author, completely irrelevant. The writer also likes to build elaborate houses of fecal matter, such as defining all BHO supporters as the most gullible of those who voted for him.The title reveals the sterility of the conceptualization here, although the text does not appear to lay out any coherent argument in support of the title itself, and is more concerned with its silly subtitles (which are not evidenced or well argued, either).Otherwise, all the normal rightwing populist hysteria is here, regarding homosexuals, immigrants, big gubmint, moslems, socialists, feminists, and so on. Not sure if he managed to malign autistic children again, however.The book overall suffers from a form of rightwing Tourette's syndrome, which can't help but hyperventilate about anything that is outside its narrow pre-modern scope. The text is replete with scornful denunciations and dismissals, such as his radio mantra, "red diaper doper babies." Really? Is that all it is? The hippies in North Beach wouldn't let him in the drum circle? Ginsberg didn't return phonecalls?. And every time he believes that he has scored a point, we get a snarky "Do you see what I'm talking about now?" (Not really, Mr. Weiner, not really.) It won't be accused of being too subtle, that's for certain.Recommended for masochistic lefties, Stephen Colbert's writers, and those few literate teabaggers.

  • Yolanda
    2019-03-29 04:41

    What was I thinking? I was waiting for my boyfriend at Barnes and Noble and I picked up the book because the title caught my eye. For some reason I started to read. What I can't believe is that I went back to the bookstore the next day just to finish it.Yes, there are factual truths in this book that can be proven. But what gets to me is that there are more half truths than anything else. If you are going to sight something as an example, give the entire thing. Don't cherry pick what will fit. We as a country will never know what McCain could have done for our country. But I find it hilarious that Obama is the devil incarnate with some folks. "Obamacare" is going to ruin our country because it will allow illegal immigrants go to the ER and not pay for services recieved. What I don't think most people realize is that I can go to the ER, with no insurance as a citizen, and not pay my bill. And that will be passed on to everyone else. What would have happened to our economy if these "Bailouts" weren't given? Would we have a higher unemployment rate than there is? I belive most definitely. What would happen if GM were allowed to fail. Then certain parts of the country would be completely devestated.I find it funny how people state that the Government should stay out of people's lives, but then want to pass certain laws to make sure things don't happen. Abortion. Gay Marriage. Having health care. A better educational syste. You can't have it both ways.

  • Rmschow
    2019-03-29 09:38

    Trickle up poverty is a very informative entertaining read that appeals to the conservative in me. Michael Savage begins with the analogy of Barack Obama being given a priceless heirloom watch which he promptly takes apart and can't put back together again. Savage then goes on to explain in detail the pieces of this country which have been taken apart and broken by Obama. Though the information is depressing and upsetting, it does not leave you with a sense of hopelessness. Trickle up Poverty has solutions and reinforces patriotism and American spirit. I loved this book and recommend it to those who are frustrated with how our country is being run and stand by the constitutional principles of this country. Michael Savage tells it how it is without apology or political correctness - something that I admire in this time when everyone is afraid to speak the truth.

  • thewanderingjew
    2019-04-11 08:30

    Trickle Up Poverty, Michael SavageWell, I would not recommend this book to any Liberal without a very open mind, without the ability to look at both sides of all issues with an unbiased eye. Some Conservatives may find points of disagreement. Libertarians will probably be most happy. I found that the book, in large part, repeated the message Michael Savage expounds when I have listened to him on the radio. Although there was little new information, in a little more than three hundred pages, he provides more details about the beliefs he holds and if you can connect the dots he wishes you to follow, you will wind up agreeing with his assessment of President Obama, his staff and his associates. I am not sure that he proved all of his salient points but he does provide an impressive array of evidence, if not actual facts, to back up his accusations. The reader can independently decide whether or not he/she agrees with him because, for sure, Savage espouses individual responsibility and freedom to make unencumbered independent decisions without threats from the government or any other outside strong-arm source.It is fairly obvious, from the getgo, that Mr. Savage is not a fan of Barack Obama nor is he a fan of his policies or of what he believes are his core beliefs engendered from his background and education at the knees of various hard core Communists, Maoists and/or Socialists, among other things.Mr. Savage believes Obama is a Marxist-Leninist and an absolute Socialist intent on dismantling America and remaking it into his own world view which would be a country with a government with a ruling class over a working class, a country in decline following the pattern of all countries that have tried his world view which is a path to failure, mediocrity and bankruptcy as far as Savage is concerned and which history has largely proved to be true. Socialism fails, in the long run, and has brought about the decline of those countries that attempted to institute it. While the book is not complimentary, in many ways, it does clearly outline the reasons he feels this way and he connects the dots for the reader to come to his conclusions, if they agree with his assessments.I found that like the theory of global warming and creationism, there is not lots of proof for those theories, or for what he says, other than conjecture, innuendo and pure faith but his arguments are plausible and worth reading. One is free to believe what one wishes.If you believe what he presents to you, you will be afraid of the future that Obama seems to have planned for us. If you choose not to even entertain any of his ideas, you will know less than you should about the possibilities that lie ahead for all of us. If you have information from both sides of the road, you can make an informed decision about what the future will bring depending on who is in charge of the White House. Then you can make an educated decision about what kind of person you would like to elect to serve there for the preservation and greater good of the United States.

  • Anna Andersen
    2019-04-05 09:26

    An eye opener to what the government is up to and how they are destroying our country..... I am so glad I read this book and there was so much in here that I now know what is going on that the media doesn't cover.... It is a must read forall who don't understand the government and for all who don't care.... cause after you read this you will not want to sit around any longer. You will want to find a way to get involved and let the government know that they work for the people, not thatthey are in control and can tell us what to do. The Demoncrats, can take theircommunists/socialist ways and shove them you know whereExcellent book and brilliant mind Mr. Savage has!

  • Evlondo
    2019-03-22 08:46

    Laughably stupid and terribly researched, Dr. Savage may be the worst writer on the extreme right...that takes some effort.

  • Proud2b4family
    2019-04-05 04:54

    Savage is the voice of the lone independent...the man or woman without a today's cookie cutter political ideology landscape. He's like that crazy uncle that everyone makes fun of at dinner events...until he makes sense and everyone starts listening with rapt attention and nodding in assent to what he's saying.I like this book, but I can't really get into it. Not because it's not a good book, but because I'm a fan and I've been listening to The Savage Nation long enough that it feels like a rerun or transcript of a bunch of his shows. I used to be an avid NPR listener growing up. My "other" news channel, when I moved to Chicago, was WBBM. When I "grew up" and started to hear the elitist tinge in the NPR liberal commentary disguised as "news", I went looking for something else and stumbled on Michael Savage's radio show during the commute home. My first reaction was "Naw, this guy's out of his mind crazy. I'm not gonna listen to this." But I kept coming back to him because, in some ways his personality reminded me of older men that I respected for their experience and wisdom in life, even if they were a little off the rails at times. After a while, I learned to separate the incoherent moments from the lucid ones and found the lucid ones to be startlingly revealing. As a matter of fact, the beginning of his show has the intro, "Warning: The Michael Savage Show contains adult language, adult content, psychological nudity. Listener discretion is advised." Psychological nudity is probably the best explanation for the way in which he dissects and peels back the layers of pretty much any topic or person and lays it bare for all to see.If you're an adventurous thinker and are open to multiple viewpoints on politics and culture (and the culture of politics), then this is a good book to get your hands on. Savage gets out into the open some perspectives that maybe you've thought of but didn't dare explore openly for fear of not being "politically correct". Either way you go about it, whether listening on the radio or reading his many books (he also writes and talks about botany, homeopathic medicine, and Italian cooking from the Bronx), you're definitely NOT going to be hearing most of his stuff even on Fox, let alone on what Savage calls "the alphabet media" (MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc.).

  • Tyler m.
    2019-04-19 01:48

    In The book Trickle up Poverty Stoping Obama’s Attack on Our Borders Economy and Security by Michael Savage.Michael who is a talk show host for fox who talks politics which I love and this book is filled with this. The book talks about how President Obama has too much control on todays government and the kind of tactics he is using to do this to the American people. He talks about how Obama is a socialist and a Marxist and Leninist and is like a dictator on the health care bill he forced it upon the people and made them have to have it. Some of the people he talks about in this book is Michel Obama and the president Nancy Pelosi Karl Marx and many others. He says how Michel Obama gets treated like a queen and how the American tax payers are paying for things they shouldn’t be like alcohol for air force one and two the close the Michel obama wears like her $5,000 earrings which tax payers should not be paying for and other closet things. “Michelle was supporting a handmade dress and a pair of Bochic earrings valued at more then $5,000”(Savage 10). I think that Michael did a great job writing this book very informative. If you don’t pay attention to the news would not hear anything about this kind of stuff because this is the kind of stuff Obama does not want people to know. This book moved me to grow my hatred towards Obama did the stuff that he did to the public. I would suggest this to people who enjoy politics and watching the politics very closely. When you read this book you will learn what happens behind closed doors in the white house and how he treats the tax payers. When I read this book it made me want to get rid of Obama and make him a one term president if I could vote. I suggest that voters before the hit the voting booths in november and we as people should stick up for what is right and what the country needs. I give this book on a scale of 1-5 I give it a perfect 5.The reason I give this book the grade that I did is because it is very informative and teaches who a lot about the government today. Now that I read this book I have become more intact with how the government runs today and it is not the same as it did back in the 1800’s we are in more debt then ever.

  • Brad
    2019-04-20 05:29

    While I have read most of the books that Michael Savage has penned, and have already pre-ordered his upcoming debut novel, Trickle Up Poverty not only stands out amongst the other Savage titles on the bookshelf, it is one of the best books on true conservatism, the reality of America at present, and what needs to happen to right the ship in recent memory. Savage deals in truth and reality, not political games and the towing of party lines. Forget Republican or Democrat, Savage proudly delves into the battle of conservative versus liberal, which is where the real battle lies.In fairness, Savage does pat himself on the back at times. This is no different than what is heard on his nightly radio show, The Savage Nation. What matters is the fact that his statements are correct and his education and qualifications are certain. Savage pulls no punches and says not only what is on his heart and mind but what he believes America needs to hear. Left-wingers and so-called progressives (read: socialists, Marxist-Leninists, etc.) are in desperate need of the wisdom contained within the pages but are unlikely to ever read more than the back cover. But it is those who automatically equate conservative with Republican that are most in need because it is, perhaps, they who are the most blind to the current state of affairs and how we got here.If for no other reason, grab a copy and read the chapter on the economic crisis. It is worth the cover price to read that chapter alone.Adult language. Adult content. Psychological nudity. A revelation of reality. Reader discrestion is advised. This is Savage at his best.

  • Desiree
    2019-04-18 05:31

    Another good read about the current state of our economy with good suggestions on how to fix it! "The more power they have, the less you have." "From the auto industry, the banks, and various financial institutions, to Obama's plan to snatch expansive tracts of land depriving the middle class of mining, farming, and cattle-raising opportunities, and commandeering the energy industry through his green socialism scheme of cap-and-trade, Obama is hell-bent on crippling capitalism through massive taxes and his bureaucratic state." When the SEC uptick rule was eliminated in 2007, it enabled short sellers to drop the stock market fast and raid it, as was done in 2008! If the market drops fast, the halt trading, unless it is after 2:30, then there is no halting and they can raid with no brakes! "the SEC is essentially still a toothless entity headed by someone who's in the bag for hedge fund traders.""He (Obama) and his confederates are implementing a plan to do nothing less than steal from middle America and redistribute the wealth to their powerful cronies, exactly the opposite of what they would have you believe they stand for." "Make no mistake: Obama's energy policies are a federal tyranny."The author also talks about how the latest Federal census, which will be used for redistricting, does NOT ask if the people are citizens! "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. " - Albert Einstein

  • Thomas Dean
    2019-03-21 01:51

    Michael Savage is an excellent writer in many regards. You can hear his voice and mannerisms just by reading his words because he writes the same way he speaks on his radio program. Dr. Savage also does a great job of laying out facts, ideas, propositions, and thoughts through thorough documentation without getting so technical that a layman would fall asleep. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who don't think the title of the book is fair or legitimate. The only couple areas that the book falls short are these: His strong convictions of religion advocacy and his stance that marriage should be defined as only between a man and a woman. While these only come up in small portions of the book, they just are not justified. This is the third book of his that I have read and he never goes into detail with his stance on marriage. But that should not deter anyone from reading the book. As I noted, it is only a small small small portion that he makes a note of this.

  • goddess
    2019-03-24 06:29

    Another brilliant piece of writing by Doc Savage. With humor, wit, honesty, and hard facts, Savage exposes the dangers of our "Destroyer in Chief". Savage is a literary genius infusing his writing with his signature phrases and sarcastic tone. Never a dull moment. Michael Savage has a way of telling a story.This book is well documented and cites numerous examples of how Obama is dismantling America piece by piece. Whether it's through ObamaCare, demoralizing the military, bailouts, tax increases, his links to ACORN.....Savage lays the case for why we are truly experiencing a trickle up poverty. Savage begins with Obama's socialist roots as a youth and his Marxist ties, and how this is showcasing itself through his administration and presidency. If you want some cold hard facts, Savage is your man.

  • Jason
    2019-04-10 01:46

    If you like exploring the mind of a paranoid xenophobic manipulator then you will love this book. I decided to see what my cousins were referring to when they kept quoting this author. Now that I've read his book and the savage manifesto I still can't be sure what Micheal really wants from Washington. Although a few occasions I did somewhat agree with Mr. Weiner the constant reffrences to Obama the marxist-Leninist was gruling. At times he would repeat these three words multiple times in the same paragraph so many times it was hard not to think this was some poor attempt at subliminal messegeing. If you want an intelligent conservative view on political issues, look elsewhere and you will easily find a more grownup argument from another author.

  • Brian H.
    2019-04-11 03:35

    Pretty good book overall...Savage definitely knows the scary truth that few others brave to discover...The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars it that it lingered on global warming a bit too long for me (I think other issues are much more important to discuss/reveal) and I also got a bit tired of Savage's name-calling. Just call them by their real names and let US decide how we feel about them. That aspect seemed a bit juvenile to me, but I know Savage is passionate about this topic and it surely can get the best of him sometimes. Great book, recommend all to read and heed!

  • LaDonna
    2019-04-12 03:41

    Every American needs to read this book. I don't care if you think Savage is too extreme, too conservative, a conspiracy theorist, or whatever else, you need to read this. If you don't believe it all, despite the extensive bibliography, if you believe anything at all in it, you need to take heed and do something to save our country. Ignorance of what is going on is not an excuse - we need to save the America we believe in, and want for ourselves and for our children.

  • Casey Smith
    2019-04-10 02:33

    A friend I hadn't seen in a while recommended this book as a "must read;" I wholeheartedly agree!If every person in America could read just one book before the 2012 election, I hope it would be this one. Though I don't expect that many would find its contents to be a surprise today, the fact that they were so well researched and detailed make it an incredible indictment on the liberal media, who refused to 'vet' the democratic candidate who won the 2008 election.

  • Jake Danishevsky
    2019-04-13 06:29

    Great book. Full of very important information. Dr Savage style of writing is what I like to read. He combines his analysis with some of the examples from his personal life, his childhood stories and yet delivers what we need to know and all the problem that we are facing with the Trickle Up Tactics of empower the government and elites to control the outcome of our policies. This is a must have. I am looking forward to read a few more of his books, which I heard are amazing as well.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-11 01:27

    Well, in my opinion, Michael Savage is really the only person that knows what's going on in our country. He tells it like it is and then some. I love reading his books because they are well researched, funny, clever, down-to-earth and hard-hitting. There's nobody better than Dr. Savage. A good reality check for anyone who cares about our country.

  • Mark Means
    2019-03-20 01:50

    As usual, Dr. Savage hits the nail on the head and calls it like it is. Make no mistake, whether you're a Democrat OR a Republican, if you're messing up the country he loves, he'll call you out. His take on the political climate peppered with personal tales of growing up in the 50s make Michael Savage the type of author we need more of.

  • Rachelle
    2019-04-12 05:27

    "Trickle Up Poverty" is biased, angry, and confrontational, with most of the venom focused on Barack Obama, who has been president for just two years. However, Savage makes compelling, reasonable conclusions about the sudden acceleration of change toward a less democratic, less capitalistic nation; and offers thoughtful solutions for some of the nation's problems in his 37-point manifesto.

  • Julia
    2019-04-16 03:40

    I have to say, I had to force myself to finish it. If I wasn't reading it for a challenge, I wouldn't have picked this up.This book is very anti President Obama. And while I do agree with some of the authors points, I don't agree with everything he is saying, and I definitely don't like the way he is saying it. The relentless slamming made this book difficult for me to read.

  • Pat Murray
    2019-04-10 02:56

    I am a big fan of his Radio show. With this book he puts the facts in your hands to dispell the lies of the liberal media. The book is not as much a pleasure as the show, but the book helps you understand where he comes up with his ideas expressed on the airwaves.

  • Steve
    2019-04-19 06:51

    Excellent read, though guilty of understating the damage being done.

  • Michael
    2019-04-03 01:55

    I'm still not completely convinced that this book isn't satire. This book is not a collection of logical arguments against the Obama administration and its policy regarding healthcare, climate change, the military, the borders, or financial reform. The author does a marvelous job of taking perfectly reasonable opinions and extrapolating them to absurd outcomes while citing sources which had come to much less extreme conclusions. There are pieces of good stuff in here, just make sure to check the sources if you want to take any of it to heart.Example: He states that illegal immigrants cause a net deficit of taxes paid vs services received of $400bn. The source states that estimated tax revenue all "underground" markets would be $400bn; those markets include many illegal immigrants, but also many citizens who feel no need to report to the IRS. The author's reasoning also excludes taxes paid from sales tax or property tax (indirectly with rent), or the fact that illegals are ineligible for most of the social services available to the poor such as food stamps and medicaid. Other economists have done thorough analysis and suggested that our economy leans heavily on low wage workers, and that crops would rot in the field and factories would shut down if we were to deport these workers.I only rate this book so poorly because it did not deliver on its promise to Stop Obama's attack on our borders, economy, and security. The text is mostly complaints about how the "Demoncats" and the pushover "Republican'ts" are transforming the nation into the "United Socialist States of America." He is right that "Al Goreleoni" has profited immensely from the green movement, but does that necessarily mean that climate change is a farce?

  • Dee ReneeChesnut
    2019-04-14 03:43

    I selected this book for its title and subtitle: Stopping Obama's Attacks on Our Borders, Economy and Security. There are also chapters about education, NASA, and healthcare. I was unfamiliar with its author who is a radio show host with an internet presence.I expected a politically conservative viewpoint, and this is politically conservative with encouragement for the reader to find a platform from which to raise questions about the policies Savage discusses. What I don't like about this book is the same thing Savage accuses "The Obama administration in pursuing the same strategy--assertion rather than argument, bullying rather than persuading--..."(p.238). This book could be half its size if he removed the insulting names he calls Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, and so on. Too often his assertions become rants rather than arguments for discussion. I understand that his target market audience may find this behavior entertaining; but I consider it to be uncivil. Uncivil behavior is just too easy for me to turn off the podcast or shut the book.Savage makes the point "we need a conservative revolution at the ballot box; but I can't recommend this book because he bullies with name-calling and rants.

  • Bforcier
    2019-04-18 02:38

    Never heard of Savage until someone gave me this book. I dove right in.Trickle up poverty is filled with hyperbole, name calling and fallacies. Mr. Savage doesn't seem to understand communism, socialism, fascism, border politics, foreign policy, and human decency. The back of the book contains a long list of sources which range from Rush Limbaugh to Wikiquote, radical blogs on the right to the left. There is very little information that is statistical, has been studied, or is based in firm fact. The part I agreed with most was in his manifesto:"#32:Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act"Blew me away. Never thought I would see this man support MORE government intervention. We just got rid of the act 12 years ago and he wants it back in. huh.But then he confused me 2 points later with:"#34:Privatize the Regulation of Wall Street"I don't understand how you can say "Government has to give banks more rules" and then say "make the enforcers of those rules private."

  • Denise
    2019-03-31 08:41

    When you are a bibliophile visiting family over the holidays, have just finished your pile of reading, did not prepare for the amount of excess time that would be available, get stuck without a car to get to a book store or library, in a house with limited book options... well, one could try getting outside I suppose, or downloading a book. Or, making due with books not normally touched via ten foot pole. I think the only thing I find remotely amusing about Mr. Savage is his absolute delight in calling people names while joyfully ranting. Not because name calling or ranting is a good thing, or worthy of argument consideration. Probably for the same reason watching apes throw poo can be somewhat fascinating. And he does seem to love it so.Ah well, I'm obviously not the right audience. For anyone who knows anything about economics or politics, you wont be missing anything by skipping this book.

  • Melanie
    2019-04-09 09:47

    My Dad bought me this book years ago, and it's been sitting on my book shelf for years. I figured, time to humor dad and read the book. It was really difficult for me to read because I'm so used to reading "light" chick lit. It did get easier to read a bit as I got used to it. I have it only two stars because it really just isn't my cup of tea. But, he seems knowledgeable about what he writes about. Some parts were interesting, but in general the book was not as applicable because it's a few years old-my fault for waiting so long to read. If you like right wing political books, this could be for you.

  • Tracey
    2019-04-15 06:53

    Started this book and had to put it down. Lost interest.I decided last night not to finish this book, even though I liked reading it. I think it is me - I just get tired of books about 2/3 of the way through them. And it happened again with this book. I like a lot of what he has to say. Just read enough of it.Maybe I just need to read this book 10 minutes a day; treat it like a radio show.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-27 09:34

    I have to start by admitting that I listen to Savage, but he is no idiot or fool. I will also admit that I am a moderate democrat. I think he is an educated individual who at times can rant but the real question is who doesn't. Once again Savage write another great book.