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YEARNING FOR HIS TOUCHFrom the moment Abby meets her new employer -- the mysterious, brooding Earl of Brendall -- she is appalled by his brutish manner…and even moreso by her own attraction to him. Has she lost her senses? As a governess, Abby has no choice but to play by the rules. But as a woman, she cannot deny the fiery sensations he ignites -- or the fantasies he inspYEARNING FOR HIS TOUCHFrom the moment Abby meets her new employer -- the mysterious, brooding Earl of Brendall -- she is appalled by his brutish manner…and even moreso by her own attraction to him. Has she lost her senses? As a governess, Abby has no choice but to play by the rules. But as a woman, she cannot deny the fiery sensations he ignites -- or the fantasies he inspires…BURNING FOR HER KISSFrom the moment Elliott lays eyes on his new young governess, he knows he’s in trouble. Abby is intelligent, defiant, and utterly captivating, though Elliott must do his very best to resist her. But as the two grow closer, the passion burns hotter. Soon, the only thing that can destroy their love is the darkest secret of his past -- and the secret desires of a governess…...

Title : The Secret Desires of a Governess
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The Secret Desires of a Governess Reviews

  • Sarah Mac
    2019-04-22 21:01

    You might notice I've already shifted this book from my "read" shelf to my "swapped" shelf. This is because I hate it. :D To begin, here's one word that summarizes my reaction: BLARGH. Perhaps the author couldn't decide whether to write historical romance, erotica, or she threw caution to the wind & chucked all three into a blender. I have no idea of the true goal (though my blender theory would explain an annoying tendency to write in sentence fragments). The first section was spent with our hero & heroine running into each other around the castle & barely controlling their insta-passion. Boring. (There was also the introduction of three or four bland peripheral characters, but who cares? Not our protagonists, most definitely; they can't see beyond their own carnal cravings.) There were many near-miss sex scenes, all of which began, contained, or concluded with something like this blurb (pg 65):What the hell was wrong with him? [...] He wavered between a strong desire to possess her and an equal need to send her away. He didn't only want her in the basest of ways, either. He wanted just to be in her company. Watching her pretty green eyes assess him and measure his worth. [...] He'd talked to her thrice since her arrival. But every time she'd tested her will against his. Had stood up to him. Had told him without hesitation or reservation that he was nothing but a brute. Which there was no arguing against. She was playing havoc with his emotions, his feelings. He didn't like losing control. But the more she tested him, pushed him, the more helpless he felt to resist her. He had no right liking her. She was a free-spirited woman, and crushing that exuberance would tear him asunder....Yeah, whatever. (The heroine's blurbs were essentially the same, except they revolved around being torn between honor & hormones.) These sorts of rambling third-person monologues became even more irksome after they finally do the nasty around pg 120 -- except it's not the TOTAL nasty, as our virginal heroine has apparently 'studied' naughty images in her father's library & is desperate to give the hero some head. Which she does. And he likes. And so returns in kind. (Look, mom -- I write fragments too!)Anyway, the bulk of the 2nd half is our H/h having sex in a variety of positions & peppered by plenty of four-letter words that are, apparently, supposed to get the reader feeling nice. Yeah, they didn't work. I'm not into dirty talkin' for mass-market romantic shock value. N.B.: You'll notice I haven't said anything about the actual plot. This is because there isn't one. Between bouts of boinking, our heroine is pushed from a parapet, dragged by her hair across a beach, & forced into a miscarriage...all of which is supposed to either kill her or make her insane. I couldn't tell because the villainous motives, family backstory, & peripheral personages were too murky to decipher. (Well, technically the miscarriage was an accident -- brought on by freezing cold water & the hero's utter incapability of keeping his d**k in his pants. (Look, mom -- I use four-letter words too!))I scanned rapidly through the final half; for some bizarre reason I was compelled to see if the 'mystery' was as I'd predicted. Imagine my thrill to be proven right. :P (And here I was hoping someone wanted to kill the heroine because she was the most perfectly-formed tiny pixie-faced redhead sex goddess ever created. Go figure.) There was also a pointless epilogue-type thing wherein the author tosses in one of my most hated romantic devices -- the hero leaving his cozy castle to chase after the heroine & bring her back where she belongs because he has a change of heart after she's gone from his life. Little does he realize that, miracle of miracles, the baby survived its miscarriage! HURRAH!But here's the kicker. Truly, my entire review can be keyed around this gem of a line. My LOL'ing was so loud that I woke a sleeping dog beside me on the couch. pg 258 --> "Come for me," Elliot said, his hand still atop hers, his other squeezing her breast. "I want to suck the swollen bud of your sex in my mouth and feel you come around my face."That's totally romantic. I feel like I'm reading Peterotica from Family Guy.Yeah, this book wasn't my style. At all. It does have a nice cover, though.

  • Rose May
    2019-04-27 01:48

    Note: This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog - Romantic Roses Bookshelf ( my. Where to start? This book was confusing and awkward with poor writing and terrible character development. I struggled to continue reading, even in the beginning. The awkward sentence structure and unusual word choices made the book difficult to read. Each time I began to become absorbed into the plot or romance some uncomfortable phrasing or word would jar me and pull me straight out of the book. The poor writing was also seen in the several inconsistencies that ANY editor worth his or her salt should’ve caught. For instance, on page 153 Clare writes: “He looked down at her as he opened her chamber door. Kicking itclosed behind him…”. Then, two pages later, when the door should STILL be closed, she writes: “With a deep sigh, he walked over to the door and shut it.”Ahem?!?! He already shut the door. I was paying attention, being the astute, observant reader I am – and any author or editor should have noticed that obvious mistake. And there were other mistakes just as bad as that in this book. The same kind of stupid, stupid, STUPID, incredibly annoying mistake.That alone could’ve killed it for me. But there was more, dear readers, than just the lack of knowledge of the English language and awkward, jarring sentences. The heroine is inconsistent – she’s all 'preachy' and moral one moment, claiming there more intimate attractions are ‘wrong’ and then the next moment proclaims she has no ‘maidenly reservations’ about getting undressed in front of him. Right, Miss Abigail Hallaway. Clare also makes our heroine’s first accident into a really big deal, and consequently the heroine is pretty concerned (rightfully) that someone is trying to kill her. But then Clare writes about how the heroine is confused that Lord Brendall (our hero) is so concerned about something so ‘insignificant’ as her injury. There were so many times I wanted to shake Abby, who is frankly annoying and almost TSTL, that I ended up just putting the book down. Our hero’s character was no better. He was boring, one-dimensional, with too many weird insecurities and strange thoughts for my taste. He also almost never talked to the heroine (about anything), for the first 61% of the book – which is all I made it through. I'm all for silent, gruff, and brooding (totally my type) but this was NOT a well done silent hero.The plot was really no better than the characters. It’s confusing and hard to follow - a collection of small snippets of strange scenes that don’t stimulate the reader’s imagination or create a feeling of suspense. The ‘catch the would-be-killer’ plot was not intriguing or well-written. The whole book had a sadistic, paranoid feel to it that was infused in every character except Thomas, be they major, minor, living, or dead. It’s hard to sense anyone’s motivation for… well… anything. The characters just don’t have the depth necessary for the reader to connect. The romantic plot was terrible, not enticing, and just as confusing as the rest of the book. I almost stopped reading because, their first official time together, he says ‘I’m sorry’ before taking her. You know, if you were really sorry you wouldn’t be doing it. I understand this will probably work its way into the ‘my mother and wife and every other woman I’ve ever known or loved has gone crazy’ part of the plot, but it was so ridiculous. About two pages later the heroine throws a temper tantrum over discovering that the hero, while sharing her bed, has not entrusted her with every little embarrassing detail of his life and is now deeply hurt. TSTL. Really. Come on. I hate little, immature snits like that, which are unfortunately a very common device in romance.Finally, let’s talk about creepy words that romance authors use to describe the male and female anatomy that get so much viewing in the genre. I’m sure we’d pretty much all agree that ‘mons’ is a really awkward word to use, right? However Clare takes it one step further – she doesn’t use mons, she uses ‘cunny’. CUNNY?? Like bunny? Great, now I’m thinking of a fluffy white thing with a bushy tail and fur. If that’s what your girl’s hoo-ha looks like, you need to get her to the doctor, stat. Or find her a better razor. And why on earth would you call the lady’s cum ‘dew’ or her clitoris a ‘little pearl’. NO! STOP! Please, stop using creepy and unnatural words to describe our va-jay-jays and the other various things that go on down there, and call them something attractive. Lord. Cunny. I really have nothing positive to say except that the little boy, Jacob, is abso-frickin-lutely adorable. I read the last hundred pages of this book just to get to see more of him. Best character of the book. By far.“Sexy”ness rating: Has sex. Not hot. Unless you like ‘cunnies’ with dew and a pearl.Bottom Line: Poor use of the English language, creepy phrasing, and terrible character and plot development make this book a never-to-read. Ever.

  • Sonia189
    2019-04-22 23:36

    I don't usually mind to suspend belief when reading historicals if the plot/characters provide enough entertainment. But this book had too many scenes and situations I found too difficult to accept and for the timeline some things just didn't make sense. Historical accuracy isn't such a big demand of mine when reading historical romances but it just was too obvious and added to the fact I found some parts of the plot not very well done... meh.

  • Niki
    2019-05-21 02:44

    haunted castles, mysterious injuries, brooding hero, child with learning disabilities, a lady posing as a governess in an effort to gain female independence, surprisingly this all mixes well in a page turner. i essentially read this book in one day (warning: you probably will so set aside time, this is not a pick up put down type story). the hero was so hot and cold, his son was so adorable. the big mystery was pretty easy to guess, but the why behind it was harder to work out, which is why this is such a page turner. it's hard to imagine a lady of the day with money choosing to become a governess, so the suspension of disbelief is pretty high. however, if it happened, working for a lord who spends no time in london in a castle in north england did make a lot of sense.

  • Amy
    2019-05-05 19:57

    Historical Romance set in Northumbria in 1848 A great romance -- a gothic -- reminds me of Victoria HoltDark gentleman, Earl of Brendall with a young son and Abby "Hallaway", a young lady who has trudged through 15 miles of mud and rain to become the son's governess. All is not as it appears and to make matters worse, strange accidents begin happening to Abby. Who is causing these accidents and why?

  • Sara
    2019-05-09 02:38

    This was my first Tiffany Clare book and one of the first historical romances I have read. I enjoyed the book. It's definitely lustier than most books I have read before and enjoyed those scenes. I liked the spunk of the governess and I wasn't fully sold on Elliot at first, but his stone cold exterior faded quickly. Over all it was an enjoyable read.

  • Eli Yanti
    2019-05-11 18:39

    The reason I love reading this book : I love the cover so much ups.. I’m the cover lover *lol Who will not feel so interesting with the title of this book : The “Secret Desire” of the Governess.. hem Once I see the cover of this book, I’m so curious, so I went straightly to this author’s website to read the excerpt and I decided I must have this book Abigail, had failed to find a proper husband in 3 years, so she decided to not marriage and what she want is only freedom. Lied to her sister that she want to visit her friend’s birth baby, she decided to be a governess and straight to aclnick to teach a 7 years old boy – Jacob. She was very angry especially with her employer because no one even fetch her once she accepted the job.Elliott, so curious with the sound that he did not expected to hear in usual time with he supposed that there will be no body at castle that time and more curious when he see a woman, young woman is walking around the corridor and murmuring. Especially he did not expected his new governess is very young, beautiful and furious.Their first met has reveal their passion but ofcourse they deny it especially because it’s not deserve for both of them to fulfill their passion.But finally they can’t resist their increasing feeling to each other and then share their secret passion and did not aware that someone has been long lurking and planning something dangerous and once they realized it’s too late…The other reason I love from this book is love how tiffany’s write this story, the dark side I meant the mystery, the secret passion, the relationship especially between Abigail and Jacob make them closed, feel happy when I see finally Jacob can read, and the sadness part that squeezed my heart and make my tears fall. All completely told in this book.Overall I love this book and will read other of tiffany’s book JThanks to Limecello to make me happy to win this book.My Review in IndonesiaAlasan-alasan mengapa aku suka buku ini : Cover Book, warnanya unyu eh.. ungu. Ups… bisa-bisa aku jadi pecinta cover book ni Merasa kalau judul bk-nya membangkitkan rasa penasaran : “Secret Desire”-nya itu loh J Setelah melihat cover, lgsg dah masuk ke website author, bc synopsis dan mutusin hrs pny ni bk d JAbigail ini uda gagal dptin suaminya layak bt dia salama 3 thn shg mutusin klo dia mau jd spinter aja dan kebebasan walopun kakak2nya hidup bahagia dgn pernikahan mrk. Jd si Abigail pun memutuskan pengen jd Governess aja tp berbohong sama kakaknya klo dia mau mengunjungi tmnnya yg sebenar lg mau melahirkan. Lalu lamaran dia diterima jd dia pun memutuskan segera menuju tmpt dia akan memulai mengajar seorg anak laki2 berumur 7 taon. Namun pesan yg dikirim ke employer yg menerima dia sbg Governess tdk di gubris shg begitu dia sampai di kota tmpt dia mengajar, terpaksa dia sibuk nyari kereta sialnya tdk ada dan pd saat itu hujan turun deras shg si Abigail terpaksa jalan kaki menuju ke tmpt employernya yg ternyata adalah Castle.Elliot, merasa ada yg lain malam ini, dimana pd wkt spt ini semua pekerja maupun anak nya sehrnya sdh berada di kamar masing-masing namun dia malah mendengar ada suara org berjalan sepjg koridor krn penasaran dia pun mengintip dan sambil berjln menuju suara tsb dan mendpt ada wanita asing yg berjln2 dan juga sdg mendumel. Ternyata cewek adalah Governess baru utk anak laki-lakinya dan yg benar-benar diluar dr pikirannya bhw Governess tsb msh muda, cantik dan marah.Namun sbrnnya masing-masing dr mereka sudah merasakan ketertarikan terlebih lg Elliot yg g sengaja melihat Abigail mandi.. yuhu…Belum lagi ternyata si Abigail bisa cocok dengan anak laki-lakinya pdhl sdh begitu byk Governess yg dipekerjakan sblmnya.Awalnya si Elliot rada cuek gt (cuek bth se sebenarnya, hihi). Tp walo cuek si Elliot ni gentle kok, krn setiap Abigail perlu bantuan walau tanpa di minta si Elliot dgn senang hati membantu.Dan krn sering dekat dan ketemu, akhirnya mrk g bisa menolak apa yg sdh ada di awal mrk bertemu. Jd lah si Abigail ni lovernya Elliot. Cmn ktmu nya selalu tanpa sepengetahuan pelayan lain.Namun seiringnya waktu, Abigail merasa bahwa apa yg mrk lakukan terasa tdk tepat lagi, terlebih lg dia mulia jatuh cinta sama si Elliot dan pernikahan sdh tdk terasa aneh lg. Dan dia berharap Elliot mau melamarnya dan mencari Governess yg baru.Sygnya Elliot tdk berani melamar Abigail terlebih lg adanya ancaman dr seseorg yg sdh 2x berusaha membunuh Abigail. Elliot mrk bhw perpisahan lbh baik bg mrk terutama Abigail.Lalu siapakah org yg ingin membunuh Abigail dan utk alasan apa? Dan bagaimana kelanjutan hubungan Elliot dan Abigail?Alasan lain aku sk bk ini krn ada sisi gelapnya / misteri nya, sesuatu yg disembunyikan (gairah tersembunyi), hubungan terutama antara si Abigail sama si Jacob apalg wkt si Jacob mulai bs membaca, ternyata si Jacob ngak bs membaca krn ayahnya sndr jg g bs baca loh dan hidup si Elliot sbrnya agak pahit, dibenci dan disiksa sama ayahnya sndr shg membuat dia jg kurang dekat sama anaknya sndr, krn takut nanti dia spt ayahnya dan memperlakukan Jacob dgn buruk jd di bk ini ada cuplikan2 dr bk dongeng ttg naga yg jahat. Trus ikut senang wkt si Jacob berhsl membaca satu kata : “prince” dan dia menjerit senang trus dia jg pengen ksh surprise ke Abagail shg dia belajar bc ditempat tersembunyi dan jg bagian sedihnya, heran selalu sk bagian yg mellow hahahaha.Overal, bgs d ini bk luar dan dlm J. Pengen bc yg lain dan br sadar klo bk si Tiffany Clare ini termasuk kategori Dark Erotic Romance, mknya adegan bed-nya lumayan kipas-kipas ni xixi.Score : 4.5Happy Reading =D

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-05-22 00:42

    Abby wants adventure, and to make her own way in her life. So even though she could experience the joys of the 'season', its the very last thing she wants to do. So she decides to accept a position as a governess. When she arrives, she is cold and wet, and had to walk from the town to the estate. And what does she find when she arrives? A brooding and brute of a man, who didn't even know that she was coming. His manner is rude but his eyes burn her, and she can't resist his burning desire for her. Her young charge, a young boy, who can't read or write, and is always hiding in the barn, she feels a affection for him immediately. A boy in need of attention and love, and his father...a man who sears her with his kiss, and shows her a tender passion that pulls her into his life. But there is someone on the estate that doesn't want her there, and soon it becomes evident that someone is trying to get rid of her, by any means....soon Abby and Elliott will have to work together to find the culprit before Abby's luck runs out....After reading the first book, I was on tender hooks wanting to read Abby's story. At the end of the previous book, Abby tells her family she is leaving to help with a friend of hers that is having a baby...only she lies. She is actually planning on being a governess, and plans on living her life while she is at it. But what she doesn't see is to find much more adventure and excitement than she could have imagined or wanted. When she first meets Elliot she finds herself fascinated...he is so different from any man she knows. He is dangerous, earthly, large and intimidating. He is rude and offensive, but he is also passionate and carnal and there is something about him that speaks to her in every single way. She can't resist him, and before long a fierce passion erupts that could explode if they aren't careful. Elliot is one powerful hero, and he keeps others at a distance. He lost his mother at a young age, and then he lost his wife and was left with a young son to raise. When he sees Abby, he knows that she is very different from any other governess they have had...she is beautiful and young and loving. That is the very LAST thing that he needs right now. He also knows that before long she will lose her trust in him, so why build it in the first place? But soon she undermines his determination to keep her at a very long distance. Soon he finds himself believing in love and the chance for happiness.The Plot for this story was pretty fast paced and just keeps you involved in the story. I have always loved Governess romances, and this one was very stimulating in different ways. There is such a strong sensual vibe in this story, and watch out or it could burn you. There is also a wonderful connection between the characters from the two main ones to the little boy who is in need of love. I just wanted to hold him...he was so adorable and mischievous and just had me torn up inside. The connection between Elliot and Abby, there were many moments of that sweeping you away feeling, that completely makes you forget reality and immerse in the story with every vivid detail evident. Overall a heart wrenching story that puts your emotions through the ringer, and a story that is bound to touch your heart and want you screaming for more!! DELIGHTFUL!!

  • Anesha †Curious & Obsessive Bookworm†
    2019-04-27 18:58

    Just finish reading this - and I'm sad it's finished! D:I am a huge fan of historical romance - i go crazy over them so it was so surprise that I hopped to this early today and refused to put it down until i finished it.Omg, where to start??? xD(view spoiler)[I am in love with ELLIOT!!! His brute mannerism; everything that makes up his personality - and don't forget his described LOOK - are bound to make any girl swoon n drop her panties in all her naivety (and more ofcourse haha)!! He was the silent, deadly type with such a brooding look, how can one ignore their own inquistivity??? I love how just THERE he was, and how he was a man of action.I've read so much books about men being this domineering type, yet hesitate on what to say or do when they come in the presence of one they like. Now I admit, that's not always a bad thing - but looking at it realistically and fulfilling his traits to a fking T was where we entered Elliot. A man such as Elliot with a thought in mind is bound to act upon his thoughts!!The first time alone in the stables, I had to quirk my brow at his brazennes, then the time he whispered so close to her after slightly relieving her of a clothing article, had me spitting out my drink at again - his brazeness... AND IT WAS HOT!!!From every encounter with those two (which i eagerly looked forward to), I knew i was in for a treat, and I was never disappointed (except for the time she gave him blue balls lol)... But aside from that - it was a feast... far beyong a treat!! haha... I especially love the vivid image i got from each description. The erotica in me was giggling as I read their nocturnal encounters; i felt every emotion displayed from them as if it was my own. It was a truly amazing read - one that i regret completing. I also got a rush from their secracy, enjoying how they played the part of employer and employee when not confined within walls of their room or the study - or to put it simple - when they are aloneAnd aside from all that hotness, the fact that someone who he trusted, pose as such a threat and did such a thing to him... smh... I played out well in the end, but it was a fantastic journey.I felt it even more when Abby thought she lost the babe, more so when Elliot shed tears (I love it when I man ain't afraid to show his emotions). It was heartbreaking, but all the same a miracle as days past.His son was adorable, a mini Elliot already made.*sighs in content*This book was fucking amazing.Kudos to Tiffany for writing such a brillant story that captivated me from the first word, right up until the very end!(hide spoiler)]

  • Book Review Diva
    2019-04-25 18:38

    “The Secret Desires of a Governess” by Tiffany ClareAbigail Hallaway finally has had enough of seeing her two sisters marry themselves off. Abigail has no intention on being like her sisters and settling down with some guy. Abigail would rather be independent, and have her own freedom where she can do what she likes. Abigail decides the only way she can be independent and not have her sisters support her, is to take a job as governess and teach a young boy. Abigail does not like lying to her sisters and tells them that she is going away to help a friend with the delivery of her baby. Abigail knows that if she was to tell her sisters the truth they would try and convince her to stay and try and marry her off to some man that she does not like or love.When Abigail arrives at Brendall castle, she will get way more than what she applied for. The one thing Abigail swore she would avoid at all costs will claim her heart and soul without her even knowing it. When Abigail meets Lord Elliot Brendall she has no idea that her boss is very handsome and will stir desires that Abigail didn't even know she had. Can Abigail stay focused on what she came to Brendall castle to do, or will she give into Lord Brendall's sexual advances and forget what she came for?Elliot Brendall has had a life to heartache and tragedy, and has swore to himself to never let his heart be captured by any women ever again. It would seem all of the men of Brendall have never had luck at love and all of the women of Brendall castle have died from accidents. Elliot’s tune toward women will changed with the lovely governess named Abigail Hallaway arrives at Brendall castle to teach his son. Elliot immediately becomes awestruck by the lovely governess beauty and feisty attitude. Will Elliot be able to keep his lust and desires under control or will he end up seducing the lovely Abigail Hallaway into his bed and heart?Tiffany Clare knows how to capture passion, seduction, and sensuality into one hot steamy novel. “The Secret Desire Of A Governess” is an unforgettable love story of two souls who come together and try and fight what neither one can deny. I love Tiffany's books and I look forward to reading another one soon!4 Hearts Out Of 5Reviewed by HistoricalRomanceBooks.caVisit my Website at

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-05-03 18:57

    I had great expectation for this book, based on some of the other reviews that I had read. That was my problem. I'm sure because I had, in my mind, set the bar so high that this book fell short.Lady Abigail Hallaway needed to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Both her sisters had married well, leaving her feel as if she's the young spinster sister left in the care of her family. Sure, she's an heiress who would get her fortune when she was twenty-five (in two short years), but she felt as if she didn't know where she belonged. To fix this, she answered an ad for a governess to an Earl's son in a castle in northern England.Unfortunately, when she gets to her destinations she's left to walk 15 miles in the rain. Then she's mistaken as a "professional" woman by Lord Brendall when he catches her walking around the castle trying to find someone to help her. Elliott Wright, the Earl of Brendall hasn't had it easy. When he was eight, his mother perished into the sea, leaving him alone with his abusive father. Later, his wife perished in a fire in the old church on the castle grounds. All he had in the world was his young son and his secrets that made him feel less like a man.When he sees Abigail roaming the halls of the castle, he's immediately drawn to her. He figures the attraction is because he hasn't been with a woman in a while. He vows to stay away from her and not cross the line of employer/employee. But that is a vow he has a hard time keeping.Both of these characters seem to spend an enormous amount of time having an inner monologue with themselves regarding their relationship with the other. At one point, I felt like yelling out that they wouldn't have half the problems they have if they just freaking spoke out loud rather than talking to themselves. Then we had the whole "secret" about Elliott. With such shame about this secret, don't you think the whole argument about it with Abigail would have lasted longer than 1/2 a page?The suspense part of the story could have been so much more. Martha could have / should have concocted so many other evil plots to get rid of Abigail. The fact that we didn't get to the meat of that storyline until almost the very end was disappointing. I needed more of this storyline and less of the fighting with oneself.This was an OK read, but like I said at the beginning...I think I hyped this one up too much in my head. 3 Cocktails

  • Julie
    2019-05-22 00:58

    The Earl of Brendall, a recluse in every sense of the word, is a dark, brooding, hulk of a man. A man and employer not at all fitting the expectations of a proper governess such as Abby. Then again, this delicate, "pixie" of a woman was the last thing the Earl expected to see wandering the dark halls of his estate late one night. Although she may think him an uncouth barbarian, making her walk 15 miles in the cold and rain were not his intentions since he did not even realize he had hired a governess? A beautiful, intelligent woman was something Elliott had not had around for many years, and something he knew to be dangerous to his sanity. Well, it shouldn't be too hard for him to convince her this isn't the place for the likes of her, afterall, she already thinks him a ruthless scoundrel. Although the plot of the story is fairly predictable with its fairy tale ending, there are a few twists and turns that steer the story away from the path of boredom. A vulnerable hero who is capable of true humility and accepting the value of learning and change no matter where it might come from is a refreshing change to the typical alpha, macho-men that usually grace the covers and pages of a passionate romance. Although by all appearances, that is exactly what Elliott depicts in his physical character and tries to portray in the facade he shows the outside world. This hero is paired with a heroine who is strong, stubborn, and courageous. However, her suit of armor is tempered by her compassion and empathy for those less fortunate than herself. Her strength lies in her daring to reach out and aide those in need regardless of the effects it may have on her own life and character. Altogether a very sweet and admirable story worthy of 3.5-stars!

  • Judy
    2019-05-07 20:45

    I'm not a huge fan of historical romance novels. There are too many out there that spend way too much time discussing the many fashions and hair styles that the characters are wearing. I once read a book where the main character changed her clothes 6 times in one day. I was like, seriously? How is she going to catch the attention of her man when she is spending all her time changing clothes and getting her hair restyled for pity's sake? And the simpering. Lord save me from the simpering milquetoast maids who live to be rescued. I am sure those books have a market and a huge following, but they aren't for me.Occasionally I will run across a fantastic read that just happens to be in a historical setting. I actually won this book from another blog that was doing some twitter contests and cleaning off their bookshelf. It is signed by the author so that is kind of cool. There are two books before this one, though Goodreads don't have them listed as a series, and I didn't really feel like I missed anything by not having read them. Abby, is a woman who wants to make her own choices in life, and isn't going to let being a Lady stand in her way. She is stubborn and willful and a terrific match for the our Earl. I am not sure how accurate it was, but one thing I really enjoyed was the learning disability she gave to the Earl and his son. I like my heroes to have some flaws and obstacles to overcome and Elliott managed brilliantly. There was some mystery in the book and misunderstandings that have to be overcome. All in all, it was a good read, worth 3 stars.

  • Aislynn
    2019-04-26 00:40

    A mistaken identity, a young woman hiding from her past, mysterious accidents, a misunderstood young boy, a brooding hero, a witty heroine. How could I pass this up?Abby has taken the job of a governess to escape her family, her past, and what could be her future. She makes her way to the home of the Earl of Brendall - Elliot. Who upon their first meeting mistakes her for a woman of loose morals! I loved Abby, she was witty and looking to find herself. She takes this job and falls totally in love with the young misunderstood Jacob. Having been through quite a few tutors and governesses he is a spunky child, who just needs someone to help him. She is able to see through all the facade and help him like no one else has been able to.An then we have Elliot. The tall dark, brooding Earl. Again, another misunderstood character who is rather lost. Although - like most men would never admit to that! He is instantly attracted to Abby and does everything he can to keep out of her way. Abby on the other hand - doesn't take any guff from Elliot and stands her ground.These two characters had incredible chemistry - it sizzled off the page! I could NOT put this book down.. This gothic style romance had me at the first page right through until the last. Elliot and Abby are put into a few dangerous situations - which they manage to escape mostly unscathed! I recommend this to anyone who loves gothic styles romances, brooding heroes and witty heroines who need to find themselves!

  • Regina
    2019-04-25 00:57

    I'm not sure what it is about this author's writing style, but there seemed to be a strange disconnection throughout this story, which I've noticed in her previous two in the series. Clare can write lusty yet emotional love scenes, but when Elliott and Abby were not in the bedroom, their interaction was weirdly wooden. I enjoyed the various dark and forbidden similarities to Jane Eyre, but I was disappointed that Clare didn't further pursue the dyslexia angle or the relationship/friendship between Abby and young Master Jacob. On the other hand, there's no question that Elliot's and Abby's reunion was "swoon-worthy" romantic, if just a tad unbelievable, but that's the stuff of romance; besides, don't we all want to be swept off our feet if only for a few minutes?Once again, Clare created a strong and intriguing plot, and her stories have improved with each installment. Unfortunately, she didn't push my romantic sensibilities as much as I'd like for me to give The Secret Desires of a Governess a higher rating. 3.5 stars.

  • Sara
    2019-04-29 19:32

    If Jane Eyre, were to be rewritten as porn, this would be it. Brooding hero with secrets and crazy wife who dies horribly in a fire? Check.Innocent, bookish governess in love with her employer? Check.Precocious child? Check.Employer boning his servant at every opportunity? Chec-Wait a minute... That didn't happen in Jane Eyre! This is like a dirty, fanfiction type thing! Holy, horn-dog pants batman! They could not keep they're hands off each other, but for some crack-pot reason couldn't get married because his genes make women crazy. As in insane. WHAAAAAAAAAA. Cry me a river dude.This book was ridiculous, but i gave it 3 stars anyways, because the governess thing always gets me and it still entertained, even with all the WTFs.

  • Mariah
    2019-04-23 19:55

    Just plain funny. She arrives in the rain, soaked from a fifteen mile trek to his castle to teach his son his lessons. He doesn't seem to know she was to arrive. Yet he catches her bathing in the kitchen in the morning and can't get her out of his head. After awhile he kisses her. Then later she kisses him and eventually things spiral out of control. Did I mention I just reached the halfway point? All I've found out between the passionate episodes is that he's probly cursed, his son has some learning deficiency or another, she's a lady running from her sisters' happy marriages, and one of the hired help is quite bitchy. It only gets better from there!

  • Wendy
    2019-05-11 02:34

    This book had so much potential! I absolutely loved the initial meeting between the hero and heroine but it quickly went downhill from there. This is more of a gothic type book with the mystery surrounding it, but at points it almost seemed unrealistic - falls from the tower and only sprains an ankle...nearly drowns but the would-be murderer decides to let her live? To me, it seemed as if everything was dramatic to the extreme and way too much action and way too little romance (romance, not sex/lust). Overall, a fun read, nothing I would re-read at a later date.

  • Jennie
    2019-04-22 02:32

    This started out ok, not great, but good enough to get me to keep going. It was all moved a bit too fast, and lacked a lot, a lot, of backstory that would have made what we did hear more interesting about the castle and the cast of characters. At first I thought it was because I was reading a later book int he series, but that really wasn't the issue. The missing pieces were all related to this story and this book. I felt like the story sort of fell apart at the end too with little explanation and just a quick wrap-up. Not my favorite of the author's books.

  • Carrie Felton
    2019-04-29 02:52

    This was a good book and i really liked the plot line. It was well thought out. The characters were interesting and the mystery was well done. I just didnt love it. I couldnt disappear into the story...What i also really liked was the mini story that was told at the beginning of each chapter with the Dragon Prince and the way it tied into the story. I didnt like that Jacob never read it to her. I also didnt like the number of sections i had to skip in the second half of the back... they were kinda numerous.

  • Connie Fischer
    2019-05-09 00:33

    I have to admit that I was rather disappointed in this book. While I am a great fan of governess novels, this was not one of them. At the risk of sounding like a prude, there was entirely too much explicit sex in this book. The hero and heroine were hot for each other from the very beginning of the book and nothing was left to the imagination. I would love to have seen more of a real plot here.

  • Nonieღserenity2bliss
    2019-05-20 20:40

    3½ stars.I didn't realize that the heroine of the story is the youngest sister of the heroine from The Seduction of His Wife...I'm not sure how to review this book. I like the middle part of the story, but not the start and the end. And the tone of the story is dark and somber which I don't particularly like for Historical Romance.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-14 20:56

    This is what I read when I can't sleep. Has great bones for a really good historical fiction...then there's about a zillion sex scenes and language that's a appropriate for the 21st century, not the 19th (including slang that hadn't been invented yet). Genre, straight up genre.Also, gratuitous use of the word "pectoral".

  • Ginger
    2019-05-14 02:49

    It was ok, haven't read any other Tiffany Clare and if I run out of other things I might go back and read her other books. I liked the Hero and the Heroine but it seemed drawn out and with a little too much emotional turmoil with an obvious villian. Goes back to: with a little communication between the main characters the stories would be much shorter lol.

  • J.W.
    2019-05-09 20:49

    I loved it. He was everything I desire in an alpha barbaric man. She was ballsy and full of love n compassion. I understood when he pushed her away, what a reveal and with all she had suffered. But it still broke my heart.The little boy was probably my favorite side character. His stealing the book and his love of his teacher. So preciousTwisted villains and creepy to a degree as well

  • Christine
    2019-05-12 23:57

    There was really no surprise in who was causing problems in the castle. I enjoyed the quick moments together between Abby and Elliott, though I wish there was more. I would not classify this as historical outside the fact that they lived in a castle, had titles, servants and she was a governess. Wish there was more 18th century instead of 21st century words.

  • TJ
    2019-05-07 21:54

    Ok, ok, 2.5 rounded upHated the first half but the mystery in the second half was entertaining enough to redeem it...For a complete review, visit Affaire de Coeur magazine, hard copy or online at: - June 2011 edition.

  • Fay Ann Hollcroft
    2019-05-04 18:54

    I will admit this book wasn't even close to being as great as the last book. But it still was a good read. It reminded me that even though dyslexia wasn't really discovered until the late 1880's, it did still exist prior to that date. Something I'm personally effected by. Still a good historical.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-12 02:54

    I love the strong female character in this book, no matter what came her way, she stayed true to herself and her heart. There is some mystery involving past deaths as well. This is a steamy read in some sections too, just a heads up.

  • Maeghan
    2019-05-10 18:44

    I loved Eliott and Abby but my favorite character was probably Jacob. He was in such strong need of a mother figure and Abby was exactly that for him. Eliott's insecurities were refreshing and I loved Abby's persistent personality.