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Book 3 in the bestselling Dakotah Treasures series. Dove House has burned to the ground, Ruby and Rand have married, and now Rand's ranch is home for them all. Ruby's younger sister, Opal, is taking to ranch life like a hummingbird to sugar water. She can outshoot, outride, and work as hard as any cowboy on the place. Ranching has clearly stolen her heart. When a young minBook 3 in the bestselling Dakotah Treasures series. Dove House has burned to the ground, Ruby and Rand have married, and now Rand's ranch is home for them all. Ruby's younger sister, Opal, is taking to ranch life like a hummingbird to sugar water. She can outshoot, outride, and work as hard as any cowboy on the place. Ranching has clearly stolen her heart. When a young minister arrives from the East, he is amazed to find himself falling in love with Opal, even though she is not a woman anyone would think of as a pastor's wife. But when God takes hold of a heart, He can work amazing miracles, and Jacob Chandler just might be the one to eventually woo her away from the ranch....

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Opal Reviews

  • LizetteMonet
    2019-05-21 11:06

    I had issues with this book. Actually, with the entire series.There seems to be a strong theme through out the series that goes: If you get married it will automatically make you happy and people will like you. Its also easier, since you don't have to do all that integrity building work anymore, you'll have a husband!I read this book many years ago, when I myself was a 14/15 year old girl. It seemed right up my alley. A 14 year old girl finding comfort in the work of a ranch hand. She was unconventional for her time, a bit wild, but still had enough sense and compassion to make her a very likeable character. She had passion, which I will say none of the other characters (like her older sister for instance) seemed to possess. Spunky, bright, sure of herself and wasn't afraid to voice an opinion.What really sort've disgusted me about this book was, the relationship between Opal and the minister. This was a man in his 30's, if I remember correctly. Every time they had a 'tender' moment together, I would cringe. And no one in the book seemed to think it improper that a full grown man with baggage, was hitting on a 14/15 year old girl. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this, considering theres a global backlash against this sort of thing. It was the breaking point that had completely turned me away from the books and the author.All of her other characters were so straight and primly laced in to their just seemed out of character.I felt like the writing style could have been a little tighter, a bit brighter in prose, but this is supposed to be a quick read, so I will not deduct points for that. The only thing that kept this from being rated a 1 star was Opal. She was a giant splash of red across a black and gray backdrop.

  • Toni
    2019-04-27 09:00

    I was disappointed! I have really gotten into these characters and was looking forward to Opal's happy ending. There was no ending. The author left you hanging and just went on and on through a lot of day to day events without ever getting to a conclusion. I'm not sure whether to bother with book #4 or not.

  • Nellie
    2019-04-26 17:21

    I'm really liking this series. This book is well written, clean, romantic, and adventurous. I will definitely read more from this author. Theses are set in the 1800's. The characters are very lovable, and relatable. I would love my teen daughters to read these.

  • Natalie
    2019-05-18 12:13

    This book is the 3rd adaption in the Dakotah Treasures series. It was the most adventurous one in the series. I really love Opal's character but was somewhat hoping for a different ending, but the ending was good nevertheless.

  • Sarah Grace
    2019-05-21 16:59

    I love this book! So great! Even though I haven't read the first two in the series, I still found it amazing, as per normal with Lauraine Snelling

  • Carolyn Tye
    2019-05-10 17:07

    Enjoyable read. Much left unfinished, so will need to read #4 in the series.

  • Patty Herrington
    2019-05-18 11:55

    Great series. Enjoyed every minute. Predictable but still loved it.

  • Molly Cline
    2019-05-21 10:15

    This is the third book in this series and if you don't have the first two books (Ruby and Pearl) avalible to you, you could still pick this one up and not be 'lost'. I have really enjoyed this series the first two books I gave four stars but this one I gave five (of which I don't just hand out 'freely') This one although is a continuation from the other two kind of started again; a different setting and just a different 'aire' about it. In reading this one if you haven't read the other two there are very suddle refrencenses to things like 'who is Belle and why does Opal wonder what happened to her?" or "What was Dove House and 'soiled' doves?" But those things really doesn't matter to this book-storyline. So reading the other books will give you the back ground of the main characters of this book; but again if you don't-haven't read the others just pick this one up and you'll be hooked. ESPECIALLY if you like western type books. This book does have two storylines going on throughout the story; up until about half the book they are completely separate of one another but they do come together and into one later on in the story. It introduces a young man that once was a pastor but his past comes back to 'haunt' him and he deals with forgiveness through out this novel. Forgiveness from the Lord, for those around him but mostly forgiveness of himself. Because without acceptance of forgiveness of yourself only then can you move on with life and do what God has set before you. It also centers more on a now teenage Opal and her struggle with wanting to be grown up but still not 'quite' there yet. And she is spunky and trouble seems to always find her. But a few times trouble has found a couple of her friends and they get hurt and Opal has to deal with forgiveness and feeling it's 'her fault'... This novel did such a wonderful job at reminding the reader that God is with us always and reminding us of certain scriptures to help us through times in our lives that we feel we are low and down. Ms Snelling did such a wonderful job in the way she wrote that it's teaching-gently reminding us; of these things. We're sitting in the bedroom with an aging elderly gentleman and a 'preacher man' that's lost his way. Or a local man that in the past has lost everything he had but still knew he had Faith that things were okay showing the way to a teenager who is finding her way. Teaching that sometimes situations is beyond our control and it's not 'our fault'...finding forgiveness of the situation. I enjoyed the other two books of this series but this one really touched my heart and gave me the spiritual feeling I needed right now in my life. I really enjoyed listening to this story and they just continue to get better and better. I did listen to this on CD; the lady that read it doesn't do a very good job. But like in the first two books I had gotten used to her way of reading so this book wasn't as hard to adjust to her. So if you choose to listen to it on CD don't set the book down because of the lady's very deep voice (nothing like I envision several of our characters would have had.) and not being able to change her tone for characters to ruin you on a good series. Once you listen to her for a while you can get used to her and start enjoying the book

  • Sverre
    2019-04-28 16:58

    People who enjoy Snelling’s books know what to expect: excellent characterizations, true historical settings, geographical detail, day-to-day routine interspersed by intervals of dramatic crisis, realistic dialog, remorseful insights, apprehensive anticipations, relationship-fostering, religious devotion, etc. ‘Opal’ fulfills all of those expectations. The book revolves around three main characters: Opal Torvald, a fourteen year old tom-boyish ranching girl whose life revolves around the chores of running a cattle ranch and the training of horses; her married sister Ruby Harrison who runs the domestic operation and is dutifully maternal to her little son; and Jacob Chandler, a preacher who has come West to escape his past moral failure and now works as a ranch hand.Most readers will have followed Ruby and Opal from the first volume of this quadrilogy. Snelling’s writing can be criticized as being predictable and formulaic. However, she usually manages to dish up surprises and loyal readers appreciate the growing affinity they feel towards the main characters. The author hardly ever abandons her reader’s attention for any length of time. It can happen when she gets bogged down in too many detailed descriptions of domestic chores or—as in this book—of training horses, but after a few pages the plot moves on to new situations and adventures.This is pleasant reading, especially for fans of Christian sentimentalism. God is believed, or at least suspected, to have a hand in all events. Human free will is constantly challenged to be guided and to follow the Divine impulse. The Bible is the textbook for a happy and successful existence. Readers who are not avid Christians may find that kind of orientation quaint and outdated. But this is historical fiction after all, meant to reflect attitudes and conditions true to the time period. The devotion to Christian beliefs and values presented in most of Snelling’s books is quite accurate for the time, place and populace she writes about. Critics belonging to the secular school should understand that it does not work to try to impose 21st century mindsets on 19th century characters.The fourth book ‘Amethyst’ will no doubt also feature the two sisters, Ruby and Opal, in more complex and demanding situations with the addition of at least one new female character.

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-27 14:01

    Opal is settling into ranch life perfectly. She is 14, going to school during the day(which she can't stand) and doing ranch chores and training horses in the evenings. She couldn't be happier, but then a drifter comes to town and catches her swimming in the river, a compromising position for a young girl to be in which a man that is not a gentlemen. When he threatens Opal, Atticus, one of her older school friends comes to her rescue. They leave the drifter tied to a tree as they escape, but he comes back with reinforcements and beats up Atticus. Ruby and Rand send Opal away to New York to the Brandons and civilized life to keep her safe until the drifters are caught. She endures all the proper activities of a lady, but is terribly homesick and guilt ridden for the part she has to play in Atticus' beating and then Mr. Roberson's death when he tries to bring in the drifters. She learns the importance of forgiveness of ones self and to move forward leaving the past in the past.Reverand Jacob Chandler is having a hard time with forgiving himself also. He made a mistake in his youth with morality and then when he tried to fix his wrong through going to the one he did it to she was gone. Now 7 yrs. later she is at his doorstep with a boy, his son, Joel, says she got married, her husband died not knowing that Joel wasn't his and then that she is sick with consumption and then flees later to throw herself in the river. Jacob's guilt reaches his max and flees with his son to Dakota territory where he becomes the hired help to the Robertson's and learns to ranch. Opal prepares all the young girls and the chandler's for round up. Mr. Chandler finds that he has a admiration and pull toward Opal, but promises to wait to declare his intentions until she is 16. Atticus and his family leave the Dakota territory making the hurt for forgiveness strong in Opal. When he does return it is to tell her he isn't there to stay but to scout out another place to homestead in Oregon. She finds that he doesn't blame her but wants to make a fresh start and she feels that this isn't the end of this part of her life but the beginning. Ruby has a second baby a girl on Christmas.

  • Sheri Salatin
    2019-05-22 12:11

    This is the third book I have read by Lauraine and while she is a very good writer, I don't feel as though she completes the stories in her novels. Perhaps I am just spoiled to most Christian romance writers in that at the end of the book, the guy always gets the girl and they "live happily ever after". Not so with Snelling's books. She leaves you hanging - wondering which guy is going get the girl. And while she usually finishes the story in the next book, it's always from another character's point of view. I find it just a bit disappointing. However, her writing is tremedously good! You feel as though you are really there. She puts words together in amzing ways, making your mind picture everything. She seems to be able to make even the most mundane task seem interesting to read about. I suppose this is why I continue to pick up her books again and again.This book follows the story of Opal, a young woman who would rather be on a horse than anywhere else in the world. The story opens with her making a mistake, just one tiny mistake and it will cost her far more than she could ever imagine. She will never forgive herself for what her mistake has costed her best friend, Atticus and others to follow. Opal grows in this books from a young girl bent on womanhood to a young lady. She learns to forgive herself and others and to really trust God for His direction and leading.Jacob Chandler. Another man who made a mistake, just one, and is also paying for it. However his cost is far different than Opal's. Jacob also is on the road searching for forgiveness and the grace of God.Each on the road for their own life's battles. Follow them and learn.

  • Bonnigene Cloud
    2019-05-01 14:08

    In Opal I really enjoyed the change of pace in the series. Ruby is expecting and is learning to deal with Opal growing into a young woman. As Opal is trying to find her place at home while becoming a young woman she not only encounters the home struggles, but also finds herself in danger due to an encounter with an outlaw.Much to Opals relief she is dismissed early from school.due to a headache. She is drawn to the river as the cool water promises relief from her problem. However, as she swims an unwelcome outlaw decides to take advantage of the situation and harm Opal. Thanks to Opal's fight and Atticus ' arrival the man is disarmed and stung up in a tree. After Rand sets him free the man returns to revenge his humiliating experience by beating Atticus almost to death. Opal's love for her friend sends her into a fit of worry. But there isn't much she can do for him.For her protection she goes to her friend's home back East, where she learns to be a lady, while remaining true to herself.Upon apprehension of the outlaw she returns to a home changed by grief and a new member of the community. The potential joy of new family members being born and the opportunity to learn from her favorite teacher again help her grow, change and become a fine young woman.

  • Mindi
    2019-05-12 10:58

    I like this kind of book, no thinking required. Just read about life on the early plains, with a little religion thrown in on the side. No preachy, preachy stuff, just good God-fearing people making their way in the Dakotah Territory, easy readaing and a good storyline. Now that I've finished it, I haven't changed my mind about a thing - still love the book! Lauraine Snelling's books are an easy read, not "simple", but easy. I like that I can set it down when I have to and pick it up again without feeling lost. The big problem is I don't want to put it down! It's easy to get involved in the story and feel like you're a part of Opal and Ruby's lives, then all of a sudden the book is over and you're back to reality. I'm looking forward to reading the 4th book in the series - "Amethyst". I had hoped to download it from Kindle last night, but it wasn't available so I had to order it. I'm anxious to get started!

  • Dorrice
    2019-05-15 13:20

    I love trilogies! And this is the third in a four-part series. I have liked each one better than the one that preceded it. I am currently reading the fourth and last. Amethyst. All of these books are set in the far northwestern corner of what we know as North Dakota. In those days it was Dakotah. Seeing Ruby develop from displaced and very proper Eastern lady to life as the wife of a rancher has been a fascinating journey. Opal is Ruby's younger sister and Ruby tried her best to make a proper young lady out of her, but it didn't work. And Ruby eventually gave up, or gave in. A little of both, I think. And now in the fourth book Amethyst is about to throw a monkey wrench into two lives. Not that she wants to, far from it, but that is what is going to happen.I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

  • Heather
    2019-05-03 15:03

    Going a little crazy. I expected for a certain major catastrophe to be resolved in this book, but NO. I just found out there is another one so I guess I will keep reading. This book was pretty heavily religious. I don't really mind that too much, but even for me it was a distraction. One of the main characters is a preacher, so I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise. Also, I am surprised at how much I enjoy reading such a completely clean book about the west. There are lots of details in this series about day to day life, researched by the author, that I really love it. It gives details about child care, food preparation, cleanliness and other fun things I love to know about past generations. I usually shy away from "westerns" but this series is fun to read.

  • Lyndalou
    2019-05-05 14:59

    Book 3 in the bestselling Dakotah Treasures series. Dove House has burned to the ground, Ruby and Rand have married, and now Rand's ranch is home for them all. Ruby's younger sister, Opal, is taking to ranch life like a hummingbird to sugar water. She can outshoot, outride, and work as hard as any cowboy on the place. Ranching has clearly stolen her heart. When a young minister arrives from the East, he is amazed to find himself falling in love with Opal, even though she is not a woman anyone would think of as a pastor's wife. But when God takes hold of a heart, He can work amazing miracles, and Jacob Chandler just might be the one to eventually woo her away from the ranch.

  • Shawn
    2019-04-23 10:14

    I have to say I did not like this book as much as the first two in the series for several reasons. For one thing it felt like this book was too repetitive in parts, saying the same thing over and over again. Secondly as these stories have progressed I keep thinking I will like Opal more but she just continues to seem like a brat to me. And finally, I know that women married young back in these times but I just found Jacob's falling in love with Opal a little creepy because of the fact that she is only 14. But I will keep going and hope that the next book in this series will be a little better.

  • Caitlyn
    2019-05-23 16:05

    Expecting this to be my favorite, hands down. But I was sort of disappointed. First off, Jacob is Ok, but he is TEN or so years Opal's senior. Plus he asked to court a FOURTEEN year old. A little unsettling, but he thought she was 17 or 18. Anyhow, I ship her and Atticus...Jacob and Opal both struggle with guilt and forgiveness in this book. Opal was sort of cool with her swash-buckling type vibe. Idk, this book just wasn't for me. It was sort of a let down. :( But I enjoyed it somewhat.The last lie annoyed me: "Funny how it didn't seem like an ending, it was more of a beginning." (That may not be the right phrasing, but it's close).

  • Leah
    2019-05-09 14:55

    Yeah... I found myself shuddering all the way through this book knowing that a man who would be in his 30's, a father of a small boy and a supposed man of God was attracted to a 14 year old girl. Cringe, cringe, cringe! It doesn't matter how pure and innocent it seemed, it was just CREEPY! Ok story line (apart from the creepy stuff) and I like how this author doesn't avoid humanity in her Christian storylines. So many Christian authors make the world this lovely innocent little place and I like how Snelling doesn't. It makes the need for grace more apparent.

  • Cheryl
    2019-05-17 16:56

    I really liked that this book introduced a minister guilty of a sexual indiscretion and weaknesses. I would have preferred that the author wrapped up his and Opal's story at the end of the book though. I'm writing this review after reading the fourth and last book of the series and I feel like the last book was not really necessary. Opal and Jacob's romance might have been more interesting if written in a shorter and different way. This was still a very good story of people overcoming mistakes and working very hard to learn a new way of life.

  • Mary
    2019-05-11 15:04

    I keep rating these books with 2 stars, but I keep reading them, so they must be good enough to hold my interest! This books continues the saga of two sisters living in North Dakota in 1884. I like how the author describes the way they live and interesting historical facts surrounding the area. However, I think this book was a little too preachy and I didn't like some of the story line. I am going to continue reading the rest of the series so I can find out what happens!

  • Fv
    2019-05-23 15:04

    Leave Opals life on hold. The series are written so Smelling can make more money! The end of this one leaves one wondering if they read a book or a magazine series and this was the latest installment.Too many loose threads and authors that do that lie to their readers when they promise the book will be a complete story. In fact she said she was done with the series after Opal and wrote Amethyst only because she missed writing about the characters.

  • Joyce
    2019-05-12 15:21

    This is the third book of the series. I loved the first two; they are easy to read without being boring. This book is allowing my interest to roam a bit by reviewing too much. The book moves forward slowly and I feel the writer dropped the ball. She could have capitalized more on the journey to New York and also the relationship with Opal and Atticus. Obviously it's giving me something as I am still reading and I will finish the fourth book to complete the series.

  • Sharon
    2019-04-25 17:22

    I like Lorraine Snelling's writing and in this book she takes you through the ordinary things on an ordinary day in an ordinary pioneer family. There are 4 girls in the family and this one is about Opal. She likes the country and the pioneer lifestyle but is sent away by her dad to help her become a lady. She has a couple men interested in her but she's too young (16). You'll enjoy the ordinary things and conversations of ordinary life within a family in this book.

  • Mom
    2019-05-09 15:12

    Loved the setting - Dakotah Territory in 1886. Wide open space, ranching, and not having anyone living like closer than a mile to you would be a whole lot different than life is now. Interesting reading about how people took care of themselves, cooking and canning and shooting deer, grouse and anything else they need to store up for the winter. You were up with the sun and put in a hard days work every day because there was so much to do. If for nothing else, I love not having an outhouse!!

  • Trudy E
    2019-05-08 14:11

    I have really enjoyed these books. Mrs. Snelling has a way of drawing you in, and the characters experiences are somewhat surprising, though not unlikely, for the time period the stories take place. I look forward to finally having the time to finish the series- one of the perks of being cooped up during an Ohio winter!

  • Amy Gourley
    2019-05-23 10:21

    3rd book in the Dakotah series. I remember getting these after a recommendation for another look at Dakota territory during Laura Ingalls Wilder time. These books are Christian fiction and I generally don't read Christian fiction but aren't too preachy. I didn't mind that but I did skip over parts when they described stuff on the ranch like the round ups and such.

  • Sharon
    2019-05-22 15:04

    Book 3 of the Dakotah Treasures, Opal, is a very good story. Deepening the development of the characters and extending the plot line. Opal is a very good character and you will enjoy her story. There are some surprising twists to the story which make it especially interesting. Looking forward to book 4 in the series.

  • Maya
    2019-05-11 14:17

    I liked this book, but I think it was my least favorite of the three I've read, which was the first two. I liked it better when the Dove House was in the story and the doves were learning and working together. This book was good, but not the best. I'm hoping that Amethyst, the fourth and last book of the series is better.

  • Darlene Wilson
    2019-04-25 12:15

    Opal Torvald can outshoot, outride, and outwork any cowboy on the ranch. Ranching has captured her heart. An innocent decision fills her with guilt Jacob Chandler, hiding secrets from his past, comes to Medora with his 7 yr old son. Opal steals his heart!