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Miraculous Deception Reviews

  • Danielle Thorne
    2019-04-22 13:28

    MIRACULOUS DECEPTION is the second book in the Future Imperfect series by P.I. Barrington. Being a big fan of book one and ready to find out what happened next, I was happy to find no time had passed in this second edition. MIRACULOUS DECEPTION begins where the first novel left off, with heroine, Payce Halligan, hospitalized after her last LVPD assignment that dealt with the religious organization, New Creation. This cult has its fingers in every level of management in Las Vegas—the futuristic environmentally destroyed city is a mess.As Payce's partner and best friend join forces against their own wishes to solve another Vegas murder, they realize once more it's connected to New Creation and their beloved Payce, when she is kidnapped from the hospital. The negative energy between the two new partners flows like black tar, tarnishing every opportunity to progress and impeding progress. Blinded by their suspicions of devotion to Payce, both cops overlook the obvious link to her disappearance and are played by someone they (and the reader) think they can trust. The pace of the story is maddening. Although a sequel, there is no browsing allowed if you're going to keep up with Barrington's race through the dark halls of New Creation and follow Payce's mysterious disappearance. The author throws a few good herrings but being a Future Imperfect devotee, I picked up on most of them although I still had my doubts. The answers—insane, violent and tainted with betrayal—bring Payce back into the drama, but the story's ending, as in the first book, leaves more questions to be answered. A clever ruse to make one grind the old teeth waiting for the next volume. While book one dealt with a darker theme, this edition feels more coarse. Whether or not that's due to the manic speed, Barrington's stories are unique, her voice strong, and her ability to write multiple points of view with sharp color and contrast, make this series well worth getting into. Look out for a new character with so many dimensions, I still haven't decided if I like her or not. MIRACULOUS DECEPTION is not a stand alone novel. I recommend picking up its predecessor and settling in for a good sci-fi adventure. Better than any prime time sci-fi show, its growing popularity is well deserved.

  • Barbara Conelli
    2019-04-25 11:34

    P.I. Barrington’s series includes three books: Crucifying Angel, Miraculous Deception and Final Deceit. Set in the future, it recounts thrilling, chilling, and very adventurous cases of detective Payce Halligan.I must say I absolutely love author’s writing style. It’s fresh and it flows easily and naturally. Patti has an electrifying way of sharing her stories. Her series has it all – suspense, fun, irony, romance, unexpected twists and turns, and a fair share of excellent space for imagination that she generously offers to the reader.I really admire Patti’s fantasy and the ingenious devices, gadgets, machines and inventions she is able to come up with. She makes everything sound absolutely real, and when you finish reading her books and look around yourself, you’re surprised there are no drones buzzing around. Patti draws you into her game and magnetizes you with her stories.I admit I fell in love with her main character Payce. A tough, courageous and very smart woman with a soft spot and an edgy sense of humor, she is admirable and fun to hang around with on the pages of Patti’s books.Reading P.I. Barrington’s series has been an exciting experience, and I wish there was Future Imperfect Book Four – I’m going to miss Payce Halligan! If you look for a stirring book where thrill meets strong feminine energy, make sure to pick up P.I. Barrington’s Future Imperfect series. You won’t be disappointed.

  • L.A.
    2019-05-21 11:51

    As we left the first instalment of PI Barrington's book Crucifying Angel, Payce Halligan is critically injured during a confrontation with a mad man. She is hurried to the hospital and put in the care of her best friend Dr. Georgene Channing, Medical director as well as Coroner. In this dry and tough environment Georgene's training make her a valuable commodity, albeit a very busy one. All facets of her jobs are understaffed and keep her extremely busy. As Gavin McAllister, Payce's partner watches over her, Georgene hustles around the room checking vital statistics from the Holo Animator attached to Payce. It appears that Georgene has been able to repair Payce's liver which was punctured during her run in. Gavin is exhausted and Georgene finally convinces him that Pace will make it, and to get some rest.During a short lull in the hospital no one sees a silent figure slip into Payce's room and slowly cut her life support system. It is fifteen minutes before the alarm starts pinging and a code is called. By the time Georgene is back Payce is almost gone. There is nothing that Georgene can do as it has been too long. She remembers their new machine which has not been tested yet. It is a chance she is willing to take, Payce will be dead without it and it may just restart her systems. As Georgene shouts out her orders she is challenged by a new intern, Dr. McKaye. Georgene overrides him and as soon as the Visceral Disruptor is in place, gets everyone out of the room or behind the lead shield. Releasing the button, the whole hospital shakes as though in a quake. Payce's body arcs off the bed and immediately slams back down. As Georgene again attempts to use the machine for a second time she is stopped by Dr McKaye. "Look Dr. she is breathing on her own". Georgene is thrilled, she has been vindicated and her machine works, and her best friend Payce has been saved. While Payce is hospitalized, Charlie Bowman, Head of LVPD has a decision to make. Crime does not stop and he has a man in need of a partner. He temporarily assigns Gavin to a veteran investigator, Nicholas Kincaid. This is an uncomfortable pairing as Nick also has feeling for Payce and jealousy creates a tenseness which makes for some challenging dialogue. They are called out to a crime scene where they find a small child. Georgene is there as the coroner and they determine that the child has numerous tumors denoting cancer. The mother has possibly killed her own child rather then putting her though needless suffering. A short time later they are called to a scene behind the Amazon Casino where they find the body of the child's mother, and a suicide note. She appears to have killed herself with a shotgun over her guilt at what she has done to her baby. The only thing that really keeps this open is that they are followers of the New Creation, the religious community that spawned the fanatic that nearly killed Payce.Later as Gavin is in the hospital, tired out and sad at the outcome of his investigation, he hears Payce talking to him. He looks over to respond only to see she is still unconscious. Knowing he is exhausted he is embarrassed. Again he hears her this time telling him to have Nick watch over her while he stays at her house. While Gavin does not believe this is real he talks to Nick who agrees to watch over Payce. As Nick is called away to work with Gavin to finalize their investigation of the suicide, sending them into the heart of the New Creation religious community, Payce is kidnapped from the hospital.Gavin and Nick are thrust into a dangerous game of search and rescue where all the players are not what they seem. Will they be able to find Payce in time, is the New Creation somehow responsible, and can they learn to work together well enough to piece together a conspiracy. Join Gavin and Nick on their journey into madness and deception at every turn. This is a fast paced and brutal whodunit. This book is a great follow up to the first of the series, there are surprises at every turn, and while it is a book on deception and murder, the characters have great interplay and are quite likable, with a great sense of humor as well as petty attempts as jealousy. There is heartbreaking deception as well as the madness sometimes caused by great fanaticism. PI Barrington leads you to a great conclusion and sets you up for the next in her series. She leaves you wanting more.... This Review is based off a book obtained from the author. I am not receiving any compensation and all opinions are my own based off my independent reading of this material.

  • Stephanie Burkhart
    2019-05-02 14:29

    "Miraculous Deception" is a nail-biter of a sequel to "Crucifying Angel" in the Future Imperfect series. Set in the near future in Las Vegas, Nevada, the city is a dry wasteland. The environment has been ruined and there's hardly any money to pay for public services."Miraculous Deception" picks up a heartbeat after "Crucifying Angel" leaves off - with Detective Payce Halligan flat-lining on the operating table. Doctor Georgene Channing uses an untested medical technique to keep Payce from dying and Payce falls unconscious.Detective Gavin McAllister's boss, Charlie, pairs him with another detective, Nick, to solve a new murder. On the surface the case appears easy. A young mother has killed herself and her baby because the baby had cancer. Gavin and Nick mix like oil and water, but both believe there's more to the murder than meets the eye.In the hospital, Payce is still unconscious, but surprisingly, uses telepathy to talk to Gavin. Gavin is unnerved when he hears Payce in his head, but follows through on her request to move into her apartment.Enter TV reporter, Amy Strand. Amy begins snooping around the New Creation religious compound. The sect has hired a new frontman, Campbell Slade. Meanwhile, El Jefe, the compound's leader has begun to lose faith in his assistant, Terrian Frye.Amy soon learns the dead mother/child last lived at New Creation. She tries to touch bases with Gavin and Nick. They have their hands full when they discover Payce is missing from the hospital. Can Gavin and Nick find Payce before the New Creation put their sinister plans into action?Barrington starts the novel in the thick of the action, saving Payce's life, but just as one problem is solved, another begins. The plot is tight and the pace is perfect.Barrington's descriptions don't linger, just leaving enough for the reader to paint her futuristic world.The lead characters are rich and complex. The supporting cast is a strong compliment to the story. Gavin is haunted by the tragedic deaths of his wife and son, fueling his motivation to find Payce. Georgene is overworked and underpaid as the city's coroner, so she also works as a medical doctor and sits on a pharmaceutical board, setting up several conflicts of interests. Terrian Frye's inner conflict is raw and edgy. Amy Strand's motivations are deeper than what she presents on the surface."Miraculous Deception" is full of rich characters and edge of your seat suspense. It is "sweet" for romance readers, as Gavin and Payce interact tenderly through Payce's use of telepathy. The ending will leave the reader breathless for the next installment.

  • Stephanie (Once Upon a Chapter)
    2019-05-01 16:27

    Originally posted at Once Upon a ChapterI'll admit I was incredibly hesitant to read the second book in this series. I won't lie to you, OUAC's readers, the first novella left a pretty bad taste in my mouth and I honestly didn't know how I could possibly read the next book in this series and write a fair review. It's going to actually be a lot easier than I thought. P.I. Barrington really pulled herself up with Miraculous Deception. It is a proper medical suspense novel. I did have the baddie figured out from the beginning but there were a few parts where I did waver. Payce Halligan is still in a coma from the first book Crucifying Angel. Her partner Gavin MacAllister is now partners with the last person he'd want to work with Nick. Their first case is one no cop really wants to see. It is that of a murdered infant and her mother who committed suicide. The suicide/mercy killing that they are led to believe in doesn't sit well with Gavin and he wants to investigate it further. Meanwhile, New Creation is ramping itself up and gathering new followers everyday. Payce isn't making any progress and twice now, someone has tampered with the life support machines keeping her alive. No one is sure who the culprit is and no on has the man power to keep Payce's room staffed. Payce is in a semi-coma. She is aware of what is going on but is making very slow progress coming back to herself. Then one day she swings herself out of bed and makes it passed the nursing station and out the door to sweet freedom. It's a matter of life or death and if she doesn't get out, she won't survive. What happens to her though after she gets out of the hospital remains a mystery to everyone in the novel. The reader is shown where Payce is and how she is coming along.The remainder of the novel is spent amongst the various characters of Barrington's world. New Creation is still just as evil as ever and Gavin and Nick even learn to work together. After all if they don't they may never know what happened to Payce Halligan. If you like medical suspense, this is a great read. The romance however doesn't advance much as the heroine is pretty much MIA throughout the novella. This is the second novella in a series of four. The first book was really a hard read for me but I can say that I am very glad that I followed through with it!

  • Loni Emmert
    2019-05-04 14:31

    Great, lots of action and character development.

  • P.I.
    2019-05-20 10:41