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Jake Brenner has too many wild oats to sow to fall in love—or so he claims. Besides, he's much too busy with his band, the Wayward Sons, to go looking for romance. His reticence has nothing to do with his embarrassing crush on Chris, the band's lead singer and Jake's erstwhile best friend. But that was before enigmatic wanderer Parker McAvoy signed on as the band's new leaJake Brenner has too many wild oats to sow to fall in love—or so he claims. Besides, he's much too busy with his band, the Wayward Sons, to go looking for romance. His reticence has nothing to do with his embarrassing crush on Chris, the band's lead singer and Jake's erstwhile best friend. But that was before enigmatic wanderer Parker McAvoy signed on as the band's new lead guitarist.He can only deny his attraction to sweet, dorky Parker for so long before the urge to do something about it becomes impossible to ignore. The trouble is, Parker knows all about Jake's philandering ways—and oh, yeah, he's not gay. Or so Jake thinks until a string of related events provides encouraging new insight. Can he convince Parker to overlook his colorful past and give him a chance? Or will this love song fade out before it even begins?...

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American Love Songs Reviews

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-04-16 08:01

    Though rock and roll books are not my thing, this book had me hooked from the beginning! Okay, let me get my frustrations out of the way before I try to review this book! I stayed up last night until 3 am (!!!) waiting for a particular scene that I just knew had to be coming but.... NO! Ashlyn Kane left me hanging! I almost threw my kindle against the bed frame and woke up my husband to scream (view spoiler)[ "we seriously don't get to see Parker bottom?!?! After that hot-as-hell shower scene and all of that build-up!! The author deprived me of this. This scene was my riiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhttttt!!!!" (hide spoiler)]. ::Grumble grumble:: I guess I am the only depraved one outraged by this because no one else commented about this injustice in any of the reviews that I read on this book...Now, onto the rest of the review. I'm not exactly sure why I like this book so much. Jake has to be one of the densest characters I have seen in forever! How he does not catch on to Parker's attraction to him and the reason why Parker is so anti-sexual is beyond me. However, I was charmed by this book and I liked the tease of the sloooow build. Some of the best parts of this book were Jake's adorable blog entries. They are funny and sweet and totally endearing. I wish there was a little bit more of that humor in the rest of the book as well. I also liked the lack of angst in this one. It was a nice change of pace for me. And who could resist Parker, aka sexy nerd, aka my favorite type! What can I say, I love a blushing boy wearing glasses! Overall, this book was a sweet, lovely, sexy (but not sexy enough- see spoiler!!), summer read. A must for those who like rocker romances.

  • Julio Genao
    2019-04-04 09:08

    Charming, and occasionally very, very sweet.While I found it to be a little hampered by a couple of unfortunate executive decisions—your narrator can't be both omniscient and unreliable, for example—empirical evidence suggests most who don't spend all day thinking about how to tell amazing stories won't even notice.Mostly this turns out to be a nicely-drawn romance with much to recommend it.Parker is adorable, even when he's irritating, and I found myself only infrequently wanting to throttle Jake for his pathological inability to grasp what is plainly obvious to all and sundry.Definitely a fun read.Zero ululations, I'm afraid—but a great many smiles.

  • Susan
    2019-04-20 02:11

    3.5 Stars...*sigh* me-likey-a-lot...Awwwwwwwww…Yup, it’s one of those. So sweet. So freaking adorable. I don’t usually love romance books about musicians. I think I have a hard time trusting that they’d be good in relationships with all the other opportunities surrounding them. But, it’s hard not to find yourself rooting for Wayward Sons (I can’t get Kansas out of my head…I’m a classic rock nerd) and especially for Jake and Parker. First, I HEART PARKER. He’s such a doll. Ridiculously gifted, shy yet witty and sarcastic and funny, inexperienced, but knows what he wants. I adore him. Second, I HEART JAKE. Confident and outgoing…gets along with everyone and finds himself protective of sweet Parker. Third, I HEART PARKER AND JAKE. Ugh. So CUTE these two! Friends to boyfriends to lovers. Their progression was slow but satisfying. I want to group hug them!I found all the secondary characters insignificant and I had little investment in their storylines. Also, it took a LONG time to get to where we all wanted it to go…though the writing made it fun and entertaining along the way. Good times…

  • Baba
    2019-03-21 05:03

    2 stars. DNF at 40 %.But only when it comes to books. My attention span is not that bad. :)It's safe to say that I don't get what the fuss is all about. Maybe I've read a different book? Honestly, I can't even muster up enough energy to review American Love Songs. All I will say is that this story and its characters bored me to tears. I will always compare every rock band book to How to Kill a Rock Star and so far no other (rock band) story could measure up to that awesome book.Sorry...

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-03-28 04:26

    This one just hit the spot for me. I loved the narrator, despite his cluelessness and initially slutty ways. The other characters were great too. There was no deep angst, just the story of some realistically young guys figuring out what they wanted and how to get it, in the demanding environment of launching an up-and-coming rock band. ETA: On a reread, this is still a nice easy read with sweetness that's not saccharine, a misunderstanding that makes me want to hug the clueless MC instead of smack him, and a couple of moments with enough emotion to cause a little heartache. Still 5 stars. I liked the depiction of the band in this one. They seemed genuine and believable and imperfect. The narrator's voice (3rd person with some 1st person blog posts) has a light touch of self-deprecating humor I enjoyed. And there are just a couple of sex scenes, which are both hot and very sweet. This is a great comfort-reread choice and I'm glad I picked it up after the angsty book I just finished.

  • Lenore
    2019-04-10 05:04

    I. Loved. This. Book.

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-04-03 08:56

    So you know that book you have sitting in ye old TBR pile and you keep meaning to get to it and then you finally remember "Oh I should read it", then you do and then you feel like WTF I have been sleeping on this?!! That's this book, okay?This is my brain: Exploding with love for this book!!!I'm not a newbie to M/M nor rock star M/M but this author did an excellent job building Parker and Jake's work and personal relationship. I have yet to read a M/M romance (I have with a few M/F romances but I'm not letting them steal this book's shine) written like this one so cool with blogs, texts, magazine articles...genius, truly. Jake, who we follow from when he first met his best friends and future band mates till present time, is one hilarious narrator. The book follows The Wayward Sons, Jake and his best friend's alt-rock band (who I kind of wish were real cause I would buy their album like yesterday) looking for a lead guitarist. The group finds this in Parker. And might I add how Parker is introduced is hilarious.Listen, this book is not one huge M/M smut fest, so if you are looking for hot man/man action starting on page 2 first paragraph one, this book isn't for you (though there are some truly sexy moments in the last quarter of this book). This book has substance and is truly rich with thought (I felt like I knew Jake) and characterization yumminess! Even if a character did something that you might not like, you could clearly understand why they reacted that way. (I'm not spoiling this book for a minute). After reading "American Love Songs", I want to kiss Parker, flash Chris, do yoga with Jimmy and hug Jake. (Can you tell I heart this book?) I don't hate a single character. The ending was great. Also the way the book is set up like a musical score? Excellent! Kudos to you, Ms. Chase for the way you presented this story. So if you like ROMANCE that happens to contain M/M and humor, come read this book and cheer on the Wayward Sons along with me.

  • Shelley
    2019-04-06 03:25

    I must have overlooked this book about fifty times when sifting through my TBR pile. Mentally discarding it with a flippant wave of the hand thinking: pfft … silly rock star book - why did I even buy this? I know it’s not my thing, not anymore. So don’t ask me why I decided to read it. I just did.Now here’s the part where I say: I could have smacked myself repeatedly with a rubber hose for not reading it up ages ago. Gah … when will I learn to stop being so darn picky.American Love Songs is just so lovable and easy: there’s no angst, no major dramas, no overworked plot. It’s just adorable, wholesome, feel-good comfort reading. Jake’s narration is a fun absorbing account of his life on the road, the bands success, their rise to fame, his significant intriguing relationship with Parker, his flings, his failure to see what’s right in front of him, and most importantly and finally - eventually - his love for Parker. I adored Jake; he’s such a natural down-to-earth character, so uncomplicated, so painfully oblivious and so perfectly imperfect. Ms Kane balanced him quite nicely I think. Jake and Parker are not portrayed as stereotypical rock stars and I liked that a lot. The author leaves that role for the other two band members to fill; bringing their own charm and flair to the story, even some the girls where okay. But just like Jake … I loved Parker. He was my focus and my favourite.It’s not often I fall in love with a guy who blushes like a pretty Victorian virgin. But I couldn’t resist Parkers vulnerabilities, secrecies, intelligence, unbelievable talent, awkwardness, and awesome tattoo (I’m shallow okay) All that he is results in me doodling little pink hearts with our initials all over my arm, my desk, my company invoices – everything! Yes, I’ve become a teenager once more and it’s just awesome.Just a heads up before I love and leave you. There’s a few cheesy eye roll moments, some editing hiccups, and a major squee moment involving Elton John. None of this was enough to relieve my achy grin though. Oh, and don’t worry if the story starts to feel like a YA cousin due to the off page sex. Trust me, it’s not and it’s really worth the wait, oh-me-oh-my is it ever!(view spoiler)[Can I just whisper …shower scene – hot! (hide spoiler)]Have fun and … no, I won’t say it.Ah hell! Yes I will.... Rock & Roll!!

  • Ami
    2019-03-24 05:02

    Info: The story uses 3rd person POV but the main narrator is Jake, and the story comes from his side.Plus points:+ This is not a story about romance but more of a "journey" of the band from the small-band who did cover songs to popular band; and most notably of that Jake Brenner. I always enjoy reading about that sort of thing ... maybe because I love entertainment (movies, music, you name it) and this type of story is pretty much epic, you know?+ Such an interesting concept of using blog (and post-scripts!) as part of the whole story. Jake keeps a blog about Wayward Sons and I can imagine following the blog because it's funny, quirky, and not faking it, you know?+ Great additional characters, apart from the band member. We have Jake and Parker's sister, the tour manager, and recording studio manager. Minus Points+ There isn't enough romance between Jake and Parker. First kiss doesn't come until almost half of the book -- and even so, they're not really be anywhere near becoming lovers until the very end. (WARNING: love-making happens in the last pages, so don't hold your breath). While I enjoy the journey, I miss the romance too+ Since the story is taking from Jake's side, I do not know much about what the other characters are thinking outside the interaction with Jake. In fact, even by the end of the book, Parker is still a bit mysterious to me. Oh, and he doesn't feel like he's older than Jake somehow (even if it is stated that he's 4 years older)+ I cannot connect deeply with the characters; I don't know why. There is something missing ... even if I like reading about them.

  • Elsa Bravante
    2019-04-18 03:59

    Un libro sobre una banda de rock que no es muy al uso, la historia de Parker y Jake está íntimamente ligada al ascenso de su banda de rock, pero no nos vamos a encontrar con drogas, angst y un interminable número de escenas de sexo, al contrario. Quitando que la música tiene su protagonismo, el resto es una historia de amor "normal", con unos protagonistas "normales", con mucho slow burn, y toda llena de detalles. Quizás he encontrado algunos problemas con la forma de escribir de la autora, pero no le ha quitado encanto.Dulce y adorable.

  • Izengabe
    2019-04-03 03:14

    El caso es que lo de los grupos de rock me pirra, y hasta este no había leído ninguno que mereciera la pena. (Por cierto, se aceptan recomendaciones)Un slow burn muy bien llevado con momentos muy tiernos entre los protagonistas, aunque hubiera querido que fueran más y con algo más de intesidad. Nos enteramos de todo a través de Jake, y Parker se queda un poco en la sombra. (Ay, Parker, por ti estaría como una fan desatada en primera fila, vamos, que ríete del vídeo aquel de las fans locas de Take That en Barajas xDDD) Una monada de libro con dos protas adorables que además se sale un poco de lo habitual.

  • Ann
    2019-04-11 02:10

    I listened to this one on Audible and Sean Crisden as a narrator is awesome!The whole time I pictured Jake Bass playing Jake and it upped the hot factor of this story up exponentially. Parker is such a great character, you just want to hug him and never stop.Lots of music "stuff" going on, which was obviously a huge part of their lives and relationship. The sexual tension between Jake and Parker was so good and you have to be very patient (as did Jake) for the payoff, but I promise you, it is worth it.

  • Lauraadriana
    2019-03-26 06:17

    This one is going straight to the favorites shelf. This is the kind of book I LOVE to read.This story ROCKED!!! Oh man where do I even start. This is Jake and Parker's story. Parker shows up one day to audition as guitarist in the band that Jake is in and from there on they become best friends, and very very slowly a lot more...I loved Jake's character he was funny and just so awesome to get to know, and him figuring himself out and what he felt for Parker was awesome to read. Now one thing I love about the rocker stories is the music, and this book had great music in it. I could tell how much the author loves music in how she wrote it in with such reverence, specially some of the moments where the guys were playing. I could just see them clearly in my head. There were places in the book where I felt exactly like I do when I'm watching a movie with a great soundtrack and a song I love comes on, it feels like you just have the best connection with the story.The sexual tension between Jake and Parker was PERFECTION. It just made the sexy sexier and so much more gratifying. The slow burn between those two kept me on the edge, and when it happened it was just so so so so good. The writing style was great, understated but so funny and engaging. I love epistolary novels and I thought the blog entries were so funny and added so much to the story. I loved this book, plain and simple. It was a great read for me. I even made a playlist on my ipod with the songs from the book :O)I recommend.

  • Amy Lane
    2019-03-25 03:56

    This book was fun, funny, touching, rollicking, thoughtful and generally awesome. Jake, the central protagonist was an adorable, clueless boy-slut (I've got a fondness for those sometimes) and Parker was an aDORKable musical genius who managed to fit into Jake's goofy, irritating testosterone-overloaded alt rock band with a sweet aplomb--and a lot of help from Jake. I loved that the other members of the band were douchey and high and, when it came right down to it at the end, truly decent people, good boys who took the fame thing and ran with it and grew up when they really needed to. The dialog was quirky and awesome, and I love the interspersing of blogs, texting, and media releases to tell the story. I also love that the relationship didn't progress until it was damned good and ready to. I really loved that it was a tribute band FROM Kansas, and that Jake gave props to Springsteen--that right there made him my new favorite hero. All in all, flawless and wonderful.

  • Valentina Heart
    2019-04-02 09:01

    Why I loved this - Well, isn't it obvious? I'm a rock n' roll girl who likes boys doing each other!But seriously, when you combine an amazing author with a good story and funny characters you usually get a good book. Add some great music into the mix,surprising innocence and a journey of a lifetime, and you're introduced with a masterpiece. I loved both Jake and Parker even though the romance part only comes into the picture in the last third of the book. Up until then you have the story of 'how it all started'. It might have been boring, but the author's style actually makes you sit down and pay attention. The guys are fun to read about, their journey mostly a classic story. There is no angst or misunderstandings of any kind. I appreciated that. Not having to bite my nails and curse the characters. (view spoiler)[So, you have Jake who is the bass player in the band, and when their guitar player(a girl) leaves, by chance they get a new guitarist who is a Juilliard genius(but none of them know that). From there their band hits the road to success, because Parker added that classical note to the songs which made them 'jump out'. Now Jake is openly gay and Parker is his best friend and roommate. Parker is in the closet and not even Jake knows he's gay. So the first two thirds of the book, it's all about the band and the quirks among them. How they succeeded from a simple band to potential Grammy winners. Following the story you have Jake's and Parker's updates on the band's blog. Something I thought would be annoying but it really wasn't, and Jake publicly follows Parker's nonexistent love life, speculating if Parker is gay or not and if Jake could get into his pants. It's all a joke of course, until Jake realizes that his feelings aren't all that friendly anymore. Then you get the last third of the book which is also the conclusion. Really, it's a fun book, without much anticipation, only an interesting story which flows nicely.(hide spoiler)]Overall I had fun reading it, more than a few laughs and it is a book I recommend.

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-03-23 05:58

    This was a sweet story about two boys that found fame, fortune and eventually each other. Jake and Parker were so adorable together. This was a very slow burn. Very slow. Almost too slow but the story was engaging enough to hold my interest so I didn’t mind it all that much. Jake’s voice was perfect. It was well paced and smartly written. Jake was oblivious to his and Parker’s feelings for most of the story which made the angst level pretty low. A nice comfort read for a Sunday afternoon.

  • Heller
    2019-04-14 07:18

    This was good. I wanted to like it more but some parts of it didn't quite work for me. I loved the whole Rock 'n Roll aspect. This was a fresh take for me and the first MM novel with this kind of content that I've read so I really got into that part of it. Jake's blogs. Awesome. This book is worth it just to read those blogs. So much fun. What didn't work as much for me.Parker who I loved in the beginning and really came across as a strong, mysterious, interesting character just seem to get younger emotionally the more the story moved on. So much so that he almost seemed to become a different person. Maybe this was more coming of age than what I'm used to reading. I wasn't expecting the relative youth of the characters which was early twenties so while it's interesting to read about them finding their places in the world I also kind of wanted to smack them up the head for their douchey behaviour. Still, it's a very readable book with likeable characters if light on the characterization.

  • Camille
    2019-04-08 07:04

    4.25This was entertaining, fun, sweet and touching. I enjoyed the ride and even came to appreciate Sean Crisden's narration :-) Really lovely and a great story.

  • Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog
    2019-04-02 06:13

    ~~~No spoilersThis should reflect a strong 3.5 stars.I found this very enjoyable, romantic and easy to read.I read this book like a rock star groupie, I couldn't stop being clingy. I found myself hoping and cheering for Jake and Parker's evolving relationship AND for the success of the band."On his more honest days, Jake would admit--even if only to himself--that he was kind of infatuated with Parker".There wasn't too much angst or conflict. No real tragedy. There were a couple high's in the story which raised the emotional energy but overall it was a fairly level read, emotionally. Compared to other books I've read recently, which had me an emotional wreck, I was surprised to find a book that was so easy on my soul could keep me interested in the story and characters.The only real let down would be that I wanted more of Parker's thoughts and perspective. He's a terribly interesting character and I wanted to see things from his viewpoint more.I appreciated the two sisters' character's and how the boys seemed to confide in them. There wasn't a negative character in the whole book, so again, I'm surprised that I was so gripped.Oh, I should also mention the humorous aspect of Jake's perspective, it was truly what kept this book flowing. Well done."Jake really wished his dick came with an "off" switch...".~~~Take a look at my Male/Male Romance Book Blog:

  • Christina Marie
    2019-04-12 03:22

    American Love Songs grabbed me by the emotional balls and refused to let go. It squeezed my heart with tons of sweetness and made me “Awwww” out loud. I loved Jake. He captivated me with his narration and made me giggle. I loved Parker because he was so fucking adorkable. I loved the footnotes, and the different writing devices the author used. Love, love, love. I loved this book so much my eyes have morphed into hearts. The only downside is that I was really sad to reach the last page. It’s one of those books that leaves me a little miserable to part ways with the characters. I even shed one of those dramatic lonesome tears.This book was adorable, fun, and sweet.4 Stars

  • Feliz
    2019-03-30 04:58

    This book was highly entertaining, cute, laugh-out-loud funny and simply great! Jake, the narrator had such a refreshingly straightforward voice, both in the parts that are written in blog form and in the narrative passages. I adored his character, so thickheaded and good-natured, child-like and childish at the same time, and of course, I also loved Parker, who was vulnerable and strong and a genius. The other characters were well-defined and recognizable too, and I very much loved to watch them rise from bar backroom gigs to stadium-worthy stars. Some scenes were just too good - Elton John? seriously? , others had me going awwwwwwwww (Parker stoned...) This is a feelgood read if there ever was one and a fine, heartwarming lovestory. Highly recommended.

  • AliciaJ
    2019-04-03 03:26

    I was looking for something fun and upbeat to read while I'm waiting for Psycop 7, and so I decided to re-read this one. And I'm so happy to see that my original feelings about the book haven't changed a whit. It's still a feel-good, fun, happy read that I fell in love with all over again. I love Jake's character. He reminds me of an overgrown puppy who is just full of energy and love and happiness. It's awesome.Original review:I loved this story. Jake and Parker were great. And I loved the whole blog thing, that was too funny. This is definitely a story I'm going to read over and over again, simply for the fun factor.

  • Vio
    2019-04-15 06:08

    3.5 stars.It tickled my fancy, Parker is so damn cute, shy and talented. Jake is assured and candid, I adored them. I liked what little sex there was, hot and sweet, very romantic.

  • Mary
    2019-04-18 02:14

    I smiled the whole time I read this. Jake is my favorite kind of character, the one who learns something about himself and then is strong enough to put his feelings on the line. I just love him and while I liked Parker too, Jake is the heart and soul of the book. I will read this one again.

  • Monique ~ Sinfully
    2019-04-12 10:20


  • Cole Riann
    2019-04-09 07:24

    I knew immediately upon reading the blurb that I wanted to read this story. I absolutely love Cinderella types of stories, where a commoner falls for a famous or successful person. Whether they be royals or movie stars, sports stars or musicians, this type of story captivates me because it relies on two fantasies that almost everyone entertains: (1), fame, riches, or success (it is embarrassing how many times I fantasize about winning the lottery); or (2), that a man who could have anyone would choose me. Its a heady thing to fall into just one of these categories, but into two? This story plays off of both of those fantasies, but the difference with American Love Songs is that they take the journey to get there together. From what I can recall, many of these types of stories always start the narrative off sometime later in the story and show the evolution of their rise to fame in flashbacks. But here we get to know the characters long before they become famous. They are normal guys who have flaws and we get to travel the same road they do as each piece of success and fame settles into place. By the time they are superstars, I felt like I had made the same choices and sacrifices as they did — a fifth member of the band.This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the amazing writing in this novel. The quality of description and prose in American Love Songs is rare. The writing is very sensory. There were many times that I felt dialogue wasn’t necessary because Ashlyn Kane described the characters’ body language and the emotion betrayed on their faces so well. She utilized all of the human senses to show Jake’s feelings for Parker, but most especially in creating mystery around Parker’s demeanor (which is austere to say the least)...For the full review, visit Reviews by Jessewave.

  • Christina
    2019-04-05 04:09

    This book made me happy. It doesn't have an adrenaline pumping intensity but it has a quiet strength to it. Many of my friends described it as a sweet comfort read and I have to agree. The plot is simple and has an easy flow to it. We follow the day to day life of Jake, a guy from Kansas who’s in a small-town band and wants nothing more than to become a rock-star and make it big. I love Jake’s “voice” and the blog updates. It was fun and entertaining. What I loved the most was that all the guys felt real and the story unfolded with such ease. There was an extremely slow build-up to the romantic aspect of Jake and Parker’s relationship but that didn't bother me at all. I was so invested in Jake and his life that I didn't care. The only issue I had was (view spoiler)[ I thought Jake was a little dense not to realize Parker was gay sooner than when it came out. I realize Jake is young and he never really reflects too deeply on any given situation but I wish we got a little more of Jake contemplating this. It would have made it more realistic.(hide spoiler)]This is a book that I will definitely re-visit and that has made my go-to-happy shelf!

  • Wade
    2019-04-04 07:08

    I know I take on too much sometimes, but I wanted to read something fun on my birthday. This was worth all my "me" time. I get a thrill out of "rocker" stories. (Maybe a secret wish to be one.) This story to be was refreshing and fun compared to the emotional roller-coaster of The Locker Room. American Love Songs contained a very believable couple of guys who are friends and ...eventually... become lovers. (no insta-love here) It is sometimes painfully slow and evident that Jake needs to "get a clue", but as I reflect on it so I can write a review- isn't that how guys ARE sometimes? I think Ms. Kane captured it perfectly. Guys can be stupid, believe me! This book deserves no less than 5 stars as far as I am concerned. The characters are comfortable and honest. Like I could walk down the street and find a bunch of friends hanging out in a near by garage, trying to start a band, and walk in on the same conversations Ms. Kane wrote in her book. The Blog entrees and glimpses of "life on the road" also seemed very plausible and added to my enjoyment! (And I LOVE footnotes!)If I HAD to critique, it got a little slow right before it heated up between Jake and Parker. Of all the books I read and love, American Loves Songs will probably hit the top 10, maybe the top 5. If I only go with "Rockers" then Conquest and The Curtis Reincarnation would be hard pressed to trump it. Conquest has more "heat", and TCR has such an endearing back story to Alec, but what gets me in this one is Jake and Parker's very authentic friendship. Excellent story! Definitely recommended to anyone who wants to read a good HAE. ;)xoxo

  • Susan
    2019-03-25 03:07

    BR with Karlijn and Elsbeth2.5 starsI have no idea what happened here. I was under the impression this re-read was going to be good. I gave the book 4 stars the first time I read it. Had to be good, right?Not so much the second time. I was pretty bored and wanted more romance than this book provided. When I was halfway through I just started skimming.Jake and his band need a new guitarist and when Parker walks up to them to ask directions but ends up auditioning, the problem is solved. Jake and Parker become roommates and close friends. Then their band gets signed by a major record company and they become famous pretty fast. Jake has never kept the fact he is gay a secret, but he doesn’t know if Parker is gay, so he doesn’t know what to do with his attraction to his shy friend.Where I first thought Jake was funny, I now found him quite annoying. And the angst was a bit too artificial for my taste.Parker turns Jake down because he feels Jake is not sincere and pretty much a slut. I never felt that way so it came as a bit of a surprise to me that this was what was keeping these two apart. And the fact that Jake had to prove himself to Parker didn’t sit well with me.All the smexy times are at the end. By that time I wasn't that interested anymore...Overall, a disappointment.

  • BWT (Belen)
    2019-04-18 04:20

    I really liked the first 65% of this story. I was into it - majorly. Everything was clicking right along for me, the UST was awesome, I liked Jake and was enjoying his utter obliviousness of what was happening right in front of him; I liked Nate and was just waiting for him to finally man up and admit what was going on...I was digging it unraveled. It seemed like Nate's age decreased with every passing minute. His emotional maturity suddenly disintegrated. He went from hot to kind of whiny and annoying. I couldn't understand why Jake was apologizing for things I felt like he shouldn't have had to apologize for or why Jake had to "prove" himself to Nate. Almost until the end I was all, "What's up with that?" I couldn't understand how it all fell apart for me. Even the sexy times didn't perk me up. I'll tell you, it was pretty much only Sean Crisden's narration that kept me hanging on until the end. All in all, I'd give 4 stars for the beginning and then downgrade to 2 stars for the end - so 3 stars all together.Which is disappointing. P.S.: What was with all the footnotes?!